Google Photos now has a messaging feature

04 December 2019
It makes it easier to share single images or videos without having to create an album.

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p cool this is a thing although i can't imagine much people using it. was just thinking the other day about music streaming apps having this feature, audiomack would fit it best

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    • MiMax3user
    • 4MB
    • 04 Dec 2019

    I don't know why, but I'm thinking that this can be quite a good cheating feature as well.

    Now you can send "private photos" to each other and even able to messages each other within the app which you don't need to do on other social media apps.

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      • Cod3rror
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      • 04 Dec 2019

      Very important question is: Are photos original quality? Messaging apps like WhatsApp destroy photo quality because they resize it and they also remove EXIF. I like original quality images, and it's a pain to explain to somebody to send you a photo as a file.

        Shady and useless feature...

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          • 04 Dec 2019

          It's totally ridiculous and unnecessary

            Earlier YouTube had this function and recently they have removed that. I am feeling the same smell here!

              *private conversation*