Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 succeeds the 730 with first integrated 5G modem

04 December 2019
The 765G is higher-binned for both CPU and GPU, promising even better performance.

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Mediatek is back in game with demensity 1000l. CPU and GPU is going toe to toe with SD 765G, even outperforming SD765G in GPU sometimes which is surprising given Adreno reputation

  • Anonymous

AirY, 05 Dec 2019Dimensity is also better in DSP & GPU departmnt compare... moreDimensity is competing with SD 865 not SD 765

  • Shiny Dave

Integrated 5G with those specs and on 7nm EUV? Forget the 865, THIS is the chip to watch in 2020 IMO, as it could be the "powerful enough" battery life champion of this generation.

AirY, 05 Dec 2019I will prefer Dimensity 1000 over Sd765 & Sd765G .Dime... moreYoudon'tsayface.jpg

4xlpddr4 2133mhz, 5G-CA, wifi 6, and the ONLY ONE SUPPORT BLEEDING EDGE AV1 CODEC

The only tech advantage of sd 865 is LPDDR5,why would you even

  • Techgeek

Atleast they should have launched sd 765 with cortex a-77 cores....

Got curios,so after a bit calculation, I can concluded 765G will not even 60% as fast as 855 (not plus) in games even if the claim is true.

With additional bandwidth needed for new modem, isp, AIs processor and gpu, lpddr4 2133Mhz desperate need to be upgraded into triple channels, else bandwidth starving mostlikely will be happening

I will prefer Dimensity 1000 over Sd765 & Sd765G
.Dimensity already beat SD855 on Antutu

Anonymous, 05 Dec 2019On paper, I prefer Dimensity 1000 thanks to 4x A77 cores ve... moreDimensity is also better in DSP & GPU departmnt compare to sd 765

You Know 12*16 = 192, That is if you use Quad Pixel Super Sampling on a Quad Bayer 192 MP Camera Sensor, You'd end up with 12 MP shops, super detailed and... Probably Excellent. Just Saying. Maybe they thought about it.

welp the k30 came with this chip still they downgrade from amoled to lcd no thank you siao meh...

  • Anonymous

On paper, I prefer Dimensity 1000 thanks to 4x A77 cores versus 2x A76 cores on SD 765. Of course there are other important things like GPU and DSP for video/camera but I'm afraid people will be like "lol mediacrap" or "lol no custom rom" just like before without even comparing both. :(

  • Anonymous

Dimensity 1000 is a superior competitor to SD 765G in terms of price & performance and will be best for midrange. Dimensity 1000 will not stand a chance against SD865 , as SD865 is more powerful.

  • Wertu

Redmi Note 9?
Hoping there are cheap phones with this