Nokia 2.3 announced with Android One and 2 days battery life

05 December 2019
Features Helio A22 processor, 2GB RAM and 4000mAh battery.

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  • Engr Shahid
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  • 08 Oct 2021

Battery timing is only one day,, two days is fake claim by Nokia

    Anonymous, 07 Dec 20192 days battery with a 5w charging..looks like it takes 2 da... moreI have this phone and all these people are talking is trash. The phone is very good

      Dumb phone

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        • Ankit Gupta
        • wdL
        • 10 Dec 2019

        I think Nokia should have chosen Helio P22 processor for better results.

          moti, 06 Dec 20192 days battery life means a day of use and the following on... moreMan it wont take that long maybe 3-4 hours.
          If you put in overnight on the charge when you wake up at the morning battery will be at 100%.

            Anna, 06 Dec 2019Nokia/HMD, Please stop launching new phones with poor speci... moreman please be that kind and show me at least 3 or 5 devices which have better specs for 109 euros???
            by the way for elderly people, for those who cant afford expensive phone, for kids as their first device and for those who buying their very first touch phone so they swapping from button phones its a great phone worth the money spent.

              hassan, 06 Dec 2019they just want to copy apple even though it is not necessar... moreMan and how they copying apple???
              If you really think apple made first cell phone with notch then search again because you are wrong.
              First cell phone with notch was here half year before Apple X.

                Anonymous, 06 Dec 2019Redmi 8a is the best alternativeWell you are probably right.
                Or maybe Doogee Y7 or Umidigi A5 pro, but both of them cost just few more euros.

                  Let me eiiiiiiiiin, 05 Dec 2019@€100+ I would still complain with those spec Man for same price you wont find many devices with similar specs which are available in all or most countries of the world.

                    Well for chinldrens as a first phone for peple who cant afford expensive device, for elderly people and for those which buying their very first touch phone is definitely an upgrade or a master piece.

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                      • pan
                      • sxr
                      • 09 Dec 2019

                      hmm, 06 Dec 2019I dont understand what you do with the phones that they don... moreI dont understand what you do with the phones that they dont last for you.
                      >> just like what is said i am still using z5 premium... so it lasts... i still have z1 compact and z3, they all work fine... so it is good for you as well if your phone works for you for 18+ months.
                      Brand names dont sell you quality, they sell you brand name product with the brand name price where as the quality is same like any other no-name brand do.
                      >> well i guess you have a point here, they built the name for no reason, and for the brands that i am using, i agree that their low or even midrange phones use the "brand name" but their flagships work as they should be... and just like your phone, they also try to build a name... i remembered when asus zenfone tried to do that by offering low price yet performing handsets, i also had that zenfone 5, the original... but they didnt continue such approach and now sells notso competitive handsets pricewise...
                      The quality complaining today on pretty much every other brand that isnt mainstream is only placebo effect. You pay more for the same quality but cause it cost more your brain thinks that it has better quality.
                      >>>what doesnt make sense to you doesnt mean it should also be the same to other people... get a phone that works for you and it will be better than looking down at other people just because you think it is expensive without knowing what it offers to those who buy them... perhaps there is what we call "target market"...

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 0Wh
                        • 08 Dec 2019

                        Anonymous, 07 Dec 2019Give me a better hardware. I value my money and keep for yo... moreAbsolutely agree. Why i should buy a worse phone for the same price? It's like "hey you are only paying us 110 euros get this crap". NO, i prefer a more capable phone for the same price that even will be more usable in the future with its better performance and apps that will be lagging running on this phone. Better camera experience, faster and better overall specs.

                        The competition exists for some reason. Wake up. Not only the Honor Play 3, Mi A2, etc., will offer a better experience, also upcoming phones in one or two months at CES and MWC will be available. I see a clear wrong choice buying this low-end phone now at that price. The new generation is already knocking the door.

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                          • Anonymous
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                          • 08 Dec 2019

                          Personally, I think it's a decent option. When you buy a phone for ~100€ you shouldn't look for better specs or anything - you eventually buy a phone for basic usage, like very casual camera/music usage and some other basic stuff, you don't buy a phone for this price to play games or do some heavy stuff, so any phone will do (personal preference, basically).
                          Anyway, regarding the phone, the big battery and 2 days battery life is nice, and while the charger is "small", the phone is much more suited for the classic "over night" charge. Also, clean Android is always a plus in my books - way too many phones come with "developer bloatware", and this is a nice thing to have. Also, 3 years for updates is a solid plus.
                          Solid choice in my books, if you need to have at least a smartphone for basic things, though I think it will get cheaper soon.

                          (And before anyone calls me a "certain brand fanboy", I personally own an old Xperia M2, which still works okay to this day and is my main phone, though if I could buy a new phone, it would be from a different price range.)

                            Anonymous, 07 Dec 20192 days battery with a 5w charging..looks like it takes 2 da... moreActually it will take "only" 4.5 to 5 hours, depending on the loading efficiency. Yes, it's slow for top up charging during the day, but quite fast enough for traditional overnight charging.

                            I am also fairly certain that the phone can actually be charged with a current higher than 1A. The 1A at 5V (5W) figure is for the included charger, or at least that is how I read the official specs. The now 10 years old USB Battery Charging Standard 1.2 specifies a maximum current of 1.5A (that is, 7.5W) and I bet the Nokia 2.3 can accept at least that.

                            By the way, USB BC 1.2 does NOT specify 2A at 5V (10W) as GSMArena staff seems to think; that specs belongs to USB-PD 1.0 (and Qualcomm QC 1.0) and is therefore "fast" USB charging, not standard or "slow".

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                              • Anonymous
                              • HEZ
                              • 07 Dec 2019

                              Give me a better hardware. I value my money and keep for you that old and slow microUSB slow charger, low RAM, etc. I can install the AOSP and security patches by myself. I don't need HMD to do that and have a slow hardware that cause lag in software.

                              Honor Play 3 for me, or even a Mi A2 today above this crap HMD phone at the same or similar price.

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                                • Aadrian
                                • Sk@
                                • 07 Dec 2019

                                Good device for a fair price. That rhymes.

                                  So for 109EUR you get 2 big software updates and 3 years of monthly updates - that is great! Also, it has BT5.0, 4000mAh battery and 32GB internal memory. I would say for that price it isn't bad at all. Yes, it is underwhelming device, but for Android One should be fine and for low users(calls, texts and sometimes web+social media) it should be enough..

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • gxC
                                    • 07 Dec 2019

                                    2 days battery with a 5w charging..looks like it takes 2 days to fully charge as well!

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                                      • 0Wh
                                      • 07 Dec 2019

                                      May-Yank, 07 Dec 2019If the device is available for around 7k then I can bid on ... moreHMD commercial catched Lul.

                                      Performance... XD Yes, this one must be in the lowest scale of the benchmarks for its price. Another overpriced low-end phone added to their large list.

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                                        • May-Yank
                                        • wdL
                                        • 07 Dec 2019

                                        If the device is available for around 7k then I can bid on its performance with MediaTek processor.