Nokia 2.3 announced with Android One and 2 days battery life

05 December 2019
Features Helio A22 processor, 2GB RAM and 4000mAh battery.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2019Nokia, save us, give us compact 5 inch flagman phoneStart looking for pants that have pockets all the way till the knee...and get plastic surgery to have long fingers like the alians..

  • Anonymous

Anna, 06 Dec 2019Nokia/HMD, Please stop launching new phones with poor specificat... moreThey are deaf i guess ..but certainly dumb.

  • hmm

pan, 06 Dec 2019if it still works for you, why look for an upgrade? is it over ... moreI dont understand what you do with the phones that they dont last for you. I have Redmi note 5 Pro for something 18+ months. So far as i have used it, i dont see why it would not last me more 18+ months. Brand names dont sell you quality, they sell you brand name product with the brand name price where as the quality is same like any other no-name brand do. The quality complaining today on pretty much every other brand that isnt mainstream is only placebo effect. You pay more for the same quality but cause it cost more your brain thinks that it has better quality.

> microUSB

Please stop shipping devices with Micro-USB ports..

  • pan

DanielTM, 06 Dec 2019It seems Nokia has embraced an entry level to mid-range priority... moreif it still works for you, why look for an upgrade?
is it over for Nokia 8 updates?
i am into idea of buying quality phones that will work longer than "low priced, high spec" phones that pushes me to buy another "low priced, high spec" phone every year...
z5 premium is still my "latest" phone... the temptation to get xperia 1 is already high, but i guess, it will defeat the purpose of buying a quality one... perhaps by next year... ;)
btw, aside from xperia, i also like nokia and lg...

  • Anonymous

Lightning mcqueen, 06 Dec 2019Good history of software update? Lol, Nokia is no.1 for providin... moreI probably dont know anyone who buy budget phone for software updates. It's a plus but it's not something that they mainly looking for. Specs matter more then some software updates on budget segment. And HMD/Nokia dont have reputation of fast software updates on there so called android one updates.

  • Anonymous

If only 1.5A QC just fine

It seems Nokia has embraced an entry level to mid-range priority on its line, with the Nokia 9 being the sole model using a high-end processor and specs (although a not so popular model). I wonder if this hurts the brand as a second tier one permanently and what could be the cost for releasing one or two phones to the more sophisticated consumer.

I have a Nokia 8 and it still performs admirably and has great features, but that's an almost 2-year old phone and there's no sight of a successor... So like me, I believe if you want to update your higher end you'll be forced to look somewhere else.

  • Anonymous

moti, 06 Dec 20192 days battery life means a day of use and the following one to ... morehaha.. good one

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2019with that chin and the not so slick up bezel, why the hell they ... moreBezel-less phone is a PITA to use / grip properly.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2019Redmi 8a is the best alternativeOK add the Redmi 8/8a as alternatives. Plus the new Honor Play 3, Lenovo Z5, Redmi Note 5 or spend 20 euros more and by a Mi A2 with stock android and get a big community support for the long term future as the Mi A2 is a popular one for its actual price. From 109 euros to 129 euros the difference is almost none and you get a lot better phone.

There is no excuse to justify such a low end hardware at that price. HMD-Nokia in its essence with overpriced hardware and poor expericence against more capable devices.

This comment...

Overall, the Nokia 2.3 is a very underwhelming device but it's meant for the low-end segment of the market and at that price it's hard to complain a lot.

Is just obnoxious... underwhelming compared to what?, this kind of devices are designed to a specific group of user in mind. For those users this kind of devices are not underwhelming, are the best they can get for their money.

  • Anonymous

Geric.770, 06 Dec 2019Xiaomi isn't all about "fast". Update quality is the game here, ... moreBut that doesn't mean Nokia's quality is worse

Nokia is just a shadow of the company it was in the past. RIP.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Would preferred a 3GB variant...

  • moti

2 days battery life means a day of use and the following one to charge....

  • Anonymous

Although this phone is not for me, I'm glad I finally saw a phone with 2 days of battery life.

  • Max Proximus

Amit, 06 Dec 2019I don't understand what's the purpose of that notch on this phone.Yeah, why do they need a notch. Even Nokia 2.2 had the same A22 processor.

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2019Redmi 8a is the best alternativebut nokia has pure android, even low end mediatek, should be too sluggish

  • Pewwwww

bharcooldude, 05 Dec 2019With 5W charging the tag line should two day charge and two day ... moreLol.. true