Samsung Galaxy S11 will reportedly use the Snapdragon 865 chipset in more regions

11 December 2019
In fact, only one region will stick with the Exynos 990 chipset. This hasn't been officially confirmed yet, however.

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Foxtrot2Novmbr, 03 Feb 2020Are you watching youtube? Let's compared that to the drop t... moreAnd what did you think you proved? Plus only the low tier rog is glass on the back.
But that didn't prove about it being weak or that supposedly iPhone is built with extra durability.... Is still a fragile slab.

And it sure as heck seemed like side tracking from the other points where you were clearly proven wrong.

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2020And the high tier is still cheaper and offers more for the ... moreAre you watching youtube? Let's compared that to the drop test on ROG 2.
And here's the iphone 11 pro max

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Foxtrot2Novmbr, 02 Feb 2020I was referring to the top tier. Not the lower tier with a ... moreAnd the high tier is still cheaper and offers more for the cost. A 512gb 11 pro max definitely costs more than the 1TB Rog 2.
And iPhone built to resist drops???? Lmao.

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2020Exactly!! But you said it costs more than iPhone. But the b... moreI was referring to the top tier. Not the lower tier with a complete set. You said it yourself. It has attachable fans. Exposed grills for the heat to come out. 120hz display. And so on. But SINCE it has it's own accessories offered by the manufacturer. Why would you only purchase a lower tier and without any accessories in it? Do you wanted to play games on ROG phone 2 with fingers near the grill where the heat is coming out? For me. I don't think so.
If I can play games on iphone 11 pro max without worrying any drop, sweat/water, and even the dirt. How worry can you be if you own an ROG phone 2 which has an exposed ports, and isn't design to resist drop, sweat/water, and even dirt?

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Samath N8 808 owner, 31 Jan 2020Snowden's expose, Nokia's WP mobile venture and demise, and... moreOne of the main point of their claim... Especially the last reply of yours in which I replied to... Was that the facts are there are numbers proving exynos for a fact is crap.
And that is bogus on all levels. In the false belief it's crap or that there are numbers to back it up.

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2020You caved in and called that word vomit facts??Snowden's expose, Nokia's WP mobile venture and demise, and US' spying using satellites all prove that I'm just guessing loud a thing, that may as well be a fact. Suddenly, everything in the world gets centered in the US.

So, yes, I agree that its a word vomit, till we don't get a proof...

And of course if you know better, do let me know how Samsung goofed up at this level? A proper answer maybe?

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Foxtrot2Novmbr, 31 Jan 2020First of all. Why would you order a base variant? Here in a... moreExactly!! But you said it costs more than iPhone. But the base variant of iPhone is 64gb with 3 or 4gb of ram.
The base variant of rog is 128gb with 8gb ram. And is cheaper than iPhone. And next up is 512gb or 1tb with 12gb of ram. And those are 800 to 1100 ish. Which is cheaper compared to the 128 to 256gb or even more expensive Max of 512gb on limited iPhone models.
So no. Rog is cheaper and offers more for the price.

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2020A full package costs more than an iPhone???? The base vari... moreFirst of all. Why would you order a base variant? Here in asia. 128GB to 256GB model isn't enough. So most of us get 512GB or higher storage options. Since it has no Expandable storage. Some would get 1TB model.
A complete accessories cost more than an iphone at 512GB model. And everyone wants it.
Good for you if you're content on 128/256 GB ROG 2. But for us. It's not enough.

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Foxtrot2Novmbr, 31 Jan 2020Then tell me. What's the reason for people to buy an ios de... moreQuit side tracking and using such limited logic.
Again...that was never debunked. And again where does it prove or tie into the wireless transfer argument you failed at making?
And since when was ease of use the only aspect that any single person ever thought of when getting a phone????? As if not one other aspects in the graces or reality existed. For God's sake come on.
There's a multitude of reasons besides just that in which people get certain devices.
And regardless of which is supposedly easier to use neither is much more complicated than the other in the first place. They are both useable. iOS just has a more jumbled and disorganized settings menu and lacks some basic features that make it just a little less user friendly. But in basic operation they are both fairly simple.

So come on. That's a poor excuse. There are many reasons. Just on the ease of use thing...yes many people get iPhone because they are lied to that's it's superior or easier to use. But it's just bias claims debunked by facts. And still far from the only reason people get either.

Are you an adult??? Am I talking to a child? Or someone a little older and who is less inclined to know all these things about newer technology?

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2020First of all... That was never debunked. iOS is not easier ... moreThen tell me. What's the reason for people to buy an ios device if android is much easier to use?

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Foxtrot2Novmbr, 31 Jan 2020You say that those two devices that you've mentioned are "f... moreA full package costs more than an iPhone????
The base variant of the rog is only in the 500 usd price bracket.
Let alone the fact that there are multiple higher end hardware aspects in it than the iPhone. And the base variant is 128gb with 8gb ram vs 64gb with 3 or 4gb ram for base iPhone.
A 120hrz Oled display. The best and fastest touch latency response time of any phone. A 6000mah battery that leaves iPhone and others in the dust. A cooling system that leaves a13 in the dust after it throttles. An audio set up through speakers and headphone that pretty much sets the bar right now.

And is cheaper. Not more. Your logic is heavily flawed. And if you count the higher tier variants that cost 800 to like 1100 then you have to compare that to the higher iPhone offerings that are more like 1300 to 1500 usd.
And for rog that's either 512 or 1tb storage. With 12gb of ram. A clear case and a bumper case that show off the far more appealing design. And an active cooling attachment to help maintain even more performance over the a13. Not to mention a faster dual usage charger.
Vs 128 or 256 next tier options in the iPhone. And only being ahead in displays that are just a tad more accurate and slightly brighter. But behind in other aspects. Or somewhat better camera software and ois. Wow.

So your logic is completely out of place.
Even if it did cost the same or more it offers a heck of a lot more for the price. But it doesn't cost more. It's indeed a little to a lot cheaper.

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Foxtrot2Novmbr, 31 Jan 2020If you're a heavy smartphone user. You'll know the limitati... moreOk. See the difference isbtoubar3 still stretching a one sided idea. I was being factual. Anti virus on play store doesn't negate iOS spyware. Plus those were put out more on the basis from people believing all the virus crap which is an extremely rare occurrence.
All androids not getting updated to the latest doesn't change the crap show that is iOS updates. Which again are more like last second rushed betas filled with bugs and glitches. Every major release update for years. Needing endless following updates for weeks or months to follow. Which were also locked after a short period time leaving users unable to revert back after issues. Only prey while waiting weeks to months for a final and stable fix.
But oh...they get number for show....oh well mines on the latest....

Not to mention how much it had bogged down older devices for a long time. More so do to hardware limitations. Ie battery, ram, and storage.
Or how they held at least a 6 year world lead in app crashes.
Hell it wasn't even until OS update after the release of the third iPhone that iOS was capable of MMS. Seriously. A simple and standard features that most of your most basic phones could do.

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2020Claiming those to be a comparable analogy of status symbol ... moreYou say that those two devices that you've mentioned are "futuristic devices that pushes technology with extremely unique futures". But you forgot to mentioned that by doing those things. The smartphone price goes UP. Which is why it's more expensive than an iphone at 512GB model. And for what 2 android updates?
For the ROG SIDE. If you think "People buy them for their top of the line hardware, gaming prowess, and unique looks" Why do you think a FULL PACKAGE cost more than an iphone?
You think iphone that way because you live in a society where iphone is for a status symbol. Here in asia. Getting those devices that I've mentioned are considered in the STATUS SYMBOL because they're much more expensive than an iphone. Did you know that you could get a high end iphone model on china at a cheaper price than the price tag that the RETAIL provides?

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2020Ummm... You made up happy if those or exaggerated them. Or... moreIf you're a heavy smartphone user. You'll know the limitations.
-"As if Android is full of spyware and apple has none" Why do you think there's an anti-virus and anti-spyware apps on play store? If you have a NoRoot Firewall app. If you look at the logs. You'll see something like Do you encounter these on ios?
- You think I'm kidding on android updates? If you look at the android distribution chart. Android Pie only reached 10% Compared that to ios devices. Even if they send multiple bug fixing updates. It's an update that can be download by anybody who has an android device that supports the latest version. Tell me. Did you check how many android smartphones are running on android 10?
- On the stadia side. If you watch the recent news. There's nothing new on stadia! What's even worst is the delayed input lag. There's already tons of negative news on stadia.
- On the Fragmentation side. That's why updates on android are very slow. Most of the android smartphones don't receive any updates than what the manufacturer have provided because the manufacturer's are LAZY.
- On the hardware side. If apple uses their own chip. What chip does most android smartphone uses?
- Even if ios has junk apps. Android has more! Why do you think android has file cleaning app, antivirus/anti-spyware app, battery saving app, firewall apps, copies of flappy bird, and so on?

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Tarak, 13 Dec 2019First of all, numbers don't lie. Those performance reports ... moreFirst of all. No numbers say they suck. Only bias users and reviewers do.
Second of all of numbers don't lie then you know that the first 8 out of 10 generations saw the exynos being the overall superior SoC.
Third of all. It's not just that it's CPU development. It's the development of new larger cores. After reining with a large lead in CPU for a long time Samsung still held a great lead with the first 2 mongoose custom cores. It was the second two which have been the past two that fell a little behind. Because they were new large cores. Which would take more time to execute and optimize. Just like it took apple some time if heat and throttling to finally get large cores right. Or how the s810 was a heat and throttle monster followed by a quad core the next year.

That's just simply how reality works. And it meant by this upcoming m5 to m6 cores that those larger mongoose cores would have been wiping the floor with the snap chips.
And the Mali g77 gpu will hold it's in against the adreno 650.

So you have no grounds, numbers, or facts for anything.

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Foxtrot2Novmbr, 15 Dec 2019That debunked was history. Why do you think people are buyi... moreFirst of all... That was never debunked. iOS is not easier to use. In fact thanks to a clumsy settings menu and lack of standard features Android has generally been overall easier. People just think iOS is easier because they are told so. And unfortunately see the extra options you can use if you so choose to with Android and get overwhelmed and fall to the belief that iPhone is easier cause it doesn't have options.... When in reality you don't have to lay a finger on those options if you choose not to....

NOT TO MENTION... That has nothing to do with your claim and does nothing to help prove it at all.

Why are you being so ridiculous?

"Most people" are going to do what's most convenient at the time. And waiting for a computer or having one handy at the time in question when you are trying to transfer a file is far from always being the convenient option. You would usually be out and about where such choices are usually not possibly. Or would require pulling out and setting up a laptop. And would still take about the same or more time once set up.
For heaven's sake use logic.

And iOS users would only wait for that option because they have had no choice in doing so for years. Not because it's what "most users" would do.
And most people are not trying to transfer multiple large gig files..... But even if they were. 3 to 10 minutes probably for many of those. Vs hours until you get to a computer and it still taking 5 to 20 minutes getting through both devices. Or losing the opertuniry entirely because the other person is not following you to a computer houre later.

Seriously. Why is logic so lacking here?

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Foxtrot2Novmbr, 15 Dec 2019So you're telling me that owning an iphone is for status sy... moreClaiming those to be a comparable analogy of status symbol would negate the entire logic that makes iPhone a status symbol.
So no.... Are you that leaving in intellect or purposefully saying something to try and push your bias????

Especially the fold or mate x. How on Earth can you say it's the same thing. People buy those because they are futuristic devices pushes technology with extremely unique futures. Duh.
Way more than you can say anything with iPhone.

And the rog phones??? People buy them for their top of the line hardware, gaming prowess, and unique looks. With lower price tag to boot.

It's simple logic why people bought those devices and can in no way be compared to the logic that makes buying iPhone a status symbol. Not even close. Could some people still buy them for that?? Sure. You could for just about anything. But it's a whole other world when it comes to iPhone. Sure... When it was first released it's touch interface was a cut above.... But even then that was about it. In many other ways it packed compared to feature flip phones. But at that point for the first one you could say it was bought for that. After that... Status symbol as it was all the other devices before and after really pushing the envelope.

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Foxtrot2Novmbr, 16 Dec 2019And you think apple users are transferring files wirelessly... moreUmmm...
You made up happy if those or exaggerated them. Or agreed as if in some way they don't apply to Apple.
-As if Android is full of spyware and apple has none. Please.
-Slow updates?? Are you kidding? You mean like apple releasing a last second rushed beta at every launch which causes them to have to send out a slew of multiple big fixing updates for weeks or months at a time???
"Stadia??? Both platforms are still emerging. There's nothing wrong here in either end. That's fanboy bs
-fragmentation.... Again... At least most Android updates seem to be tested before released. Quality before quantity.
-Hardware??? If that's an anyone problem that's always been an iPhone problem that unfortunately others are starting to follow.
-Junk apps... Get over yourself. iOS has junk apps. Oh but there might be a few more on Android because they have more free apps and options... Oh no...

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Samath N8 808 owner, 17 Dec 2019Ok agreed. You will win this argument on basis of facts, gr... moreYou caved in and called that word vomit facts??