Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro (SM-G715F) snatches Wi-Fi certification

16 December 2019
We already know some specs of the upcoming handset.

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  • 18 Dec 2019

CptPower, 18 Dec 2019Yes the Xcover 4 used specs of a 100 eur cell phone and cos... moreHeh, I wonder how’s their warranty policy on these and whether price has to do something with it. I had B2710 which got water ingress because of me not taking it into warranty with defective battery cover, still local carrier replaced it with brand new no questions asked and it also was within last month of warranty. The cover issue still prevailed as well as body being too slippery and earpiece breaking at the housing chipping small plastic part of case off. I wonder how good Galaxy Xcovers are these days, almost got one but opted for S8 instead thinking about its ip rating and just using case on it, however arced screen is a no go so looking forward either flat iPhone with looong software updates or one of the Xcovers with Pro moniker and longer than usual Android patchers.

    Yes the Xcover 4 used specs of a 100 eur cell phone and costed 300-400 bucks in some countries even more.
    So how much will cost this one???

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      • 16 Dec 2019

      Good, but glass is glass

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        • 16 Dec 2019

        I still waiting for a updated version of Samsung Xcover 550.