Huawei P40 and P40 Pro will be unveiled in Paris in March, no Google on board

17 December 2019
Instead, the phones will launch with Huawei Mobile Services - the company's alternative to the Google app package.

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  • Nema

NotAnOpinion, 17 Dec 2019Mate 30 series w/out GMS after 3-months internationally - D... moreSo, you think that not a single employee from Apple/Google/Amazon/Samsung etc. was never arrested? At least CN admitted a mistake and paid off the worker. We don't even know the exact specifics about that case.
Jumping to conclusions...merit of modern westerners.

  • Anonymous

maspri, 18 Dec 2019I hope huawei isnt greedy. They should boost the phone valu... moreNo. Why would anybody buy a phone if the apps I am using most wont work on it ?

Same chipset with the Mate 30 or Mate 30 Pro and no Google? Excellent news indeed! And this being a photography-centric P-series phone, I definitely cannot wait to see what Huawei has in store for the camera setup.

" well as advancements in camera image quality..."
He's so right about camera image quality when the Mate 30 phones was launched. It was so much better than the P30 Pro as it looks far more detailed and no more of that eye-soring waterpainting-like oversharpening.

  • Heheheheheh

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2019their products are not made or produced in america lol. sa... moreThe exynos chips are made in the USA. That's why they are stopping the production of the chipset since production cost and cost of making chips compared to just buying snapdragon chips.

  • I'mPhone

No Google apps are ok as long as the camera will impress like the P30 did. I also don't want to see the SoC throttling too easily like the Kirin 980 did.

  • alfri

America just waking up the giant.
just like when japan attack pearl harbour, Now google attack china.
Today no google on board, several years later no android on board.
Google create their own formidable opponent.

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2019their products are not made or produced in america lol. sa... moreproven? it seems like so many USA covert agencies cannot even show a hint of evidence

Fintoyu, 17 Dec 2019WHY HUAWEI STRIVE SO MUCH TO LAUNCH A PHONE IN PARIS, THAT ... morethey just wanna parade what great phone is Western market missing out

I hope huawei isnt greedy. They should boost the phone value by making the price around $500 for the P40 pro.

I will buy it if the price is $500, even there is no GMS. Would you?

  • @,@

huawei! come on! fight fir the unfair

  • phoenix

TechRadar, 18 Dec 2019Number one in sales, number 943834 in actual product qualit... morenumber one in china sales and stagnant in global sales

  • s-pen pusher

ProJames-CHM, 17 Dec 2019You forgot other apps that rely on GMS for APIs and DRM and... moreyes, without google services huawei smartphones are pretty much dumb touchscreen phones. although i am siding with google and the united states in this trade war, i would really love to see huawei grow their harmony os to compete with ios and android. i am suggesting they rebuild harmony and base it on meego or sailfish. competition is good for end-users. then again, google would still have something up their sleeve- fuchsia. this is a good time to live.

AnonD-901275, 17 Dec 2019Good joke. I wonder who you gonna troll if huawei becomes ... moreNumber one in sales, number 943834 in actual product quality and experience.

Tech Jesus, 17 Dec 2019So Americans GSMArena users are waiting for Huawei news eagerlyFrom your comment it gives a tell, you must come from north India. Nobody using old English "waiting eagerly" any more except Indian IMAO.

  • as

Ashoaib, 17 Dec 2019But there is no useful app in Huawei mobile services. Only ... moreyou can use your web browser to access these apps, by just downloading chrome

AnonD-901275, 17 Dec 2019Good joke. I wonder who you gonna troll if huawei becomes ... moreHuawei can be no.1 in China only if they won't find a way to implement Google services. Most people stick to the services they use for convenience, especially when the alternative is not better.
So in the west Huawei phones without Google services will not sell well.

If these issue continue with Mate 40, i'll jumpship to others. I dont stick to one brand. Just base on my needs for the price.

Shame though, Huawei by far the best i've used at the moment.

  • Anonymous

g6 user, 17 Dec 2019I think google , QUALCOMM and other companies including the... moretheir products are not made or produced in america lol.
samsung stuff is made in korea, china and japan.
qcom is made in china, design in usa
google pixel is designed in the US, Korea, produced in china
arm is designed in usa, licensed by huaweii for kirim (qcom also licenses from arm)

and so on. Only Android itself is pretty much "made in the US" (of course a few other places contribute!)

the 2 biggest issues with huawei are:

sovereignty/security - it's been proven that they had backdoors in their 5G equipment, and no good reasons were given. its only a stretch to think its also in smartphones...

stolen tech - most tech is stolen from US companies, produced cheaper since both are made in china, and huawei is literally owned by the same people who rule china

  • Jimbob

never before seen design..

  • Kek

MagicMonkeyBoy, 17 Dec 2019Can't believe how many people in the west are so reliant on... moreThis message was brought to you by Xi's Jinping 50 cent team.