Mike Tyson and Marilyn Monroe iPhone 11 Pro editions? Caviar says sure

17 December 2019
"Iron Mike" and Marilyn Monroe are the latest addition to the brand's "Superior" line of devices.

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For an extra 1 million dollars, 'Caviar' will forego adding the usual putin russian spyware.

  • Anonymous

i don't see marilyn Monroe here. i just saw the big fat
red lips, wtf are they smoking?

  • Anonymous

on Credo Christmas Star edition the three cameras at the top are they represents 3 kings balls?

MagicMonkeyBoy, 17 Dec 2019865 Snapdragon for me... I am not stupid enough to buy one ... moreCalling people who can buy these cases stupid is actually more stupid.

Sina, 17 Dec 2019Buy smartphone 6000$ or gaming laptop? Answer meGaming laptop. Should last a bit longer.

  • Anonymous

very expensive

  • Anonymous

I heard they made a Michael Jackson edition, if yes where can I find the photos?
I want to show that phone to my MJ obsessed friend!

buying these phones is a BIG SIN

  • Anonymous

Mike Tyson on these pictures reminds a bit of Lenin

they look fugly

Perfect phones for people with peacock complex, status-seekers and tycoons. As for me, I can buy TWO good gaming laptops or one over-the-top gaming laptop.

Damn! When you think Iron Mike couldn't look even more badass.

865 Snapdragon for me... I am not stupid enough to buy one of those. Waiting for k30 pro mi10 pro oppo vivo ZTE and many other models to come out... Very very soon!! 😊

For me the ugliest phones this year.

  • Sean

They look hideous

  • Sina

Buy smartphone 6000$ or gaming laptop? Answer me