Samsung Galaxy A01 quietly unveiled with 5.7" HD screen

17 December 2019
The phone comes with 128GB of built-in storage, plus a dedicated microSD slot. Also, there's a dual camera on the back, 13MP + depth sensor.

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  • Jay

Would love to see a 32GB Samsung Galaxy, with a screen 4.7" (like the awesome A3 2017). That was a great phone, just not nearly enough storage.

This handset is borderline obsolete these days!

  • Anonymous

Why it is so big... where Are sensible sized phones these days...

  • Anonymous

Least it's compact

  • Anonymous

HuLk, 17 Dec 2019Finally, a low-priced and low-bezeled phone is coming in c... moreWhere? I can't see it, is it behind that 146mm phone? :P

You definitely know how resource-hungry Android with custom UI is when even the basic entry-level smartphone like this has 6GB or 8GB RAM. Makes me wonder if 4GB RAM in an Android phone, even if it's running on Android One, is even relevant in this day and age.

  • Zaki

Samsung can do anything, according to current market it may be possible.

The CPU stated as 1.95 GHz + 1.45GHz octa core, pointing

  • Essen

This seems like all the phone you'd need. But it doesn't look like it has a an FPS. Hope it's under 70mm wide.

  • Anonymous

Aacro X, 18 Dec 2019A01? C'mon Samsung chill TF out. Is this supposed to be bet... moreThe successor of a2 core

  • Anonymous

I think snapdragon 439 clock at 1.95ghz and 1.45ghz 4+4 cores a53 cortex

  • Anonymous

I find the RAM obscure (and probably a mistake), but the amount of storage given is a nice idea, actually. For someone with a big music library, or photo library, that wants a simple smartphone with no particular power, it's a great offer.
Then again, if it's another OEM phone not designed by Samsung, I'd steer clear away.

A01? C'mon Samsung chill TF out. Is this supposed to be better or worse than the A10 and the A2 core?

6 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage? Is Samsung the new Infinix now? Hopefully it's a copy-and-paste mistake given that its name is supposed to sit below the A11.

lamsa, 17 Dec 2019another option, put p60 soc, 720p screen, 4gb ram, 64gb hdd... more64 gb HDD?
In a phone?
Something's wrong

  • cyber

looks like 1st april prank

  • akw

is this from other brands? like A10s and A6s? if yes , doesn't have any problem compare to normal phones?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2019Lot of ram and storage because its free is made bu Samsung... moreI mean 110 euros for A10s.. :D
But, it seems Samsung goes in right direction for 2020, i bet there will be better, more phones from Samsung under 150-200 euros with good spec, look, battery life, next year (2020)

  • Anonymous

Crocop, 17 Dec 2019A lot of RAM and storage for an entry level phone. I wonder... moreLot of ram and storage because its free is made bu Samsung anyway haha.. But processor? I bety its a MTK. Big chin? Plastic back? Hd plus resolution? And all that with 8gb of ram? No thanks. If i want MTK phone with BIG chin, HD plus resolution, and even 4k battery, for 210 euros, Samsung Galaxy A10s is there.. They only need to make better looking phone (lile A50, yes its a also plastic back, but still..), put inside this ram and storage combo, with price 150 euros and that Samsung phone will be great. Maybe Galaxy A02, or somethink lile that

  • Anonymous

That amount of RAM is definitely a mistake. It'll be 2/3 GB as usual.