Samsung Galaxy A01 quietly unveiled with 5.7" HD screen

17 December 2019
The phone comes with 128GB of built-in storage, plus a dedicated microSD slot. Also, there's a dual camera on the back, 13MP + depth sensor.

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wow 6 GB of RAM for $100 device..

  • wee

oPaGanDasTyle, 17 Dec 2019when a "low budget" have more RAM than S9 or Note 9! dude..... morethis phone bas more ram then foxcon iphone pro gimmick for 1500$

another option, put p60 soc, 720p screen, 4gb ram, 64gb hdd, 13mp rear, 8mp front.
price sub 100 euro.
this device will be owsome.

funny, every time samsung makes a small phone they put shit specs in it, i'd like a small midrange phone with at least fullhd display and a good processor

A lot of RAM and storage for an entry level phone. I wonder which CPU will they use, and I hope that it will be a decent one. Apps should run fine on 720p+ display, even if they use some older CPU. It would be a shame if they don't do it, since there is a lot of storage to use, and no one is going to use all of that if everything lags.

oPaGanDasTyle, 17 Dec 2019when a "low budget" have more RAM than S9 or Note 9! dude..... moreThose phones were released 1.5 year ago

  • Anonymous

i know a few people who break their phones regularly, for that reason they only buy cheap entry level smartphones. This sounds entry level lets hope its cheap.

1.95+1.45 GHz A53 is Snapdragon 439. Same with Redmi 8A

  • oPaGanDasTyle

when a "low budget" have more RAM than S9 or Note 9! dude...sammy is losing it...

what in the wont use a low end SoC in a 720p display for too long to actually need that much storage and RAM cause it will lag anyways cause of the UI and SoC!

deal of the century, because of the storage and RAM this wold cost more than 300 after taxes and so on!

  • Zero

Expect a UNISOC processor

I always welcome more RAM.

  • AnonD-833125

When things are looking to good to be true..

  • Anonymous

Nice a cheaper option to compete with redmi 8a.

  • HuLk

Finally, a low-priced and low-bezeled phone is coming in compact size.

Might be an ODM device. Those are some very good specs for a bottom of the line device.

  • Anonymous

Waiting for S00. Lol.

I want that phone now! It can be useful as a backup phone and still have some good stuff.

How is the name pronounced?

It cant be this powerful for that money...

5.7 is a perfect screen size