Latest Pixel 4 update brings improved Face Unlock and T-Mobile eSIM support

23 December 2019
The Pixel feature drop program is underway.

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  • Anonymoose
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  • 01 Jan 2020

Nick Tagataka, 25 Dec 2019"Face Unlock can now use recent images of your face to impr... moreQuick you fear that someone may kill you, or chloroform you just to break into your phone?

    "Face Unlock can now use recent images of your face to improve its accuracy"
    Yeah that's fine and dandy, but what happened to the problem where it unlocks the phone even with your eyes closed? Has it been already patched or is Google still working on it?

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      • Shetty_911
      • gwD
      • 24 Dec 2019

      Can't say much or get excited as this Disaster of a phone was never launched in India as the phones new face mapping & sensor tech runs on a frequency which coincidently used by the Indian Defense system ,Sunder what did u do this time ??, had Pixel 2 xl before loved it.. Camera was something else all together back then !! Now using IPhone 11 & happy !!

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        • .alpha
        • ytx
        • 23 Dec 2019

        Seems like Google should just build-in an AI that learn your face everytime you unlock instead of having you submit photos

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          • AnonD-804996
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          • 23 Dec 2019

          Images are never sent. Their digital fingerprint most probably is, knowing Google and their shenanigans...