Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G appears in promotion listing and official support page

23 December 2019
The Tab S6 5G is well on track to officially becoming the first 5G tablet.

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Anonymous, 23 Dec 2019Imo the only good android tab. Too bad they dropped the Lin... moreI agree. There are a few Android tablet that comes fairly close to Tab S6, but none of them actually manage to beat it. It's really sad that Android is very poorly optimised for a large canvas and many apps still have compatibility issues with a tablet UI.

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    • 23 Dec 2019

    Imo the only good android tab. Too bad they dropped the Linux support. It would have been perfect w it (completely replace my linux laptop for one).

    It's the closest I've seen to the perfect android tablet. Knowing Samsung I expect her to majorly regress in the following years until they are to realise the next stub tab (the last one that was a good for it's time, before Tab S6, was Note 10.1. 2014, an absolutely loaded tab, after it we got a bunch of mediocrities riddled w issues and old chipsets and finally we got S6 6 years after Note 10.1 2014. Does thin mean that we would have to wait another 6 years to have the true successor to tab s6? Knowing Samsung, proobably.