2019 Winners and Losers: Xiaomi

29 December 2019
Xiaomi is outing another strong year with a big push in flagship territory and outside the smartphone realm too.

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Anonymous, 29 Dec 2019Not necessarily. It depends on how good the company worked... moreonce again fully agreed , how old is my Mi Note 2 , it haves on that time already FHD+ screen and Filmed on 4K? I even think it was the first to have it , but not sure
but to me it still Rocks above on the list and is still better than latest Phone hahahahaha , yes for sure i am agreed with ua anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2019I'm not sure about the Mi Mix Alpha... but the Mi A3 isn't... moreI agree with You , but you know sometime peoples go collective for the same models and killed one other good model , i am still using my Mi note 2 , and i upgraded 2 times , from Android 6.0 to 7. and stuck now on 8.0 and they don't madder to bring it to Android 10 , why i don't know cos it could support it easily , it is still very good phone and works quite as when it was new , but shame they don't provide android 10 for this model by Miui Rom's , yeahhhh it is little bit because when it came out , there where some issues with Battery coming hot , but this problem was resolved by the years , now i dont have problems anymore with heating , it is always fresh even Cooooooold :D

YUKI93, 29 Dec 2019Mi Note 10 winner? Well that's a real joke, even a 7-year-o... moreYou say that maybe because Xiaomi Killed Nokia, and Sony , and Ericson , and Motorola , and and , And ; seriously we can ad I-Phone and maybe even Samsung in this list, but peoples are so much attached to there Android Brand that they even dont realise they preferred go Blind than admit , hahahahaha LOL 😂

  • Homa

I wait mi max 4, too!

hmm, 30 Dec 2019aren't there a app for everything on android ? even somethi... moreI doubt if there were "usable" ones that can adjust the color saturation and the white balance of the screen, I never actually used one in my phone as the MIUI's own color preset were already good for me. If anyone could suggest a free app or even the paid one, it would be nice.

  • Anonymous

Was so waiting for a MiMax4 until it was cancelled. There isn't another phone (this year at least) to carry on the legacy. Is it really that hard to have a phone with a 7" 1080p display, 6k mAh, a headphone jack and a sd card slot?

  • hmm

DroidBoye, 30 Dec 2019Mi A3's screen is NOT to be adored. It has very bland color... morearen't there a app for everything on android ? even something that with what you can adjust color on your android phone ?

Dometalican, 30 Dec 2019Missing Band 12 my friend. It will get reception but not en... moreI recommend then Oppo reno ace or realme x2 pro or if you like games... Nubia Magic 3S

ZoOLf, 30 Dec 2019true, i have Mi A3 and i love the sceen, cant see it as bad... moreMi A3's screen is NOT to be adored. It has very bland color to it. My Pocophone renders color better than Mi A3's screen the main problem of the MiA3's screen is that the stock Android One does not provide any color adjustment for the display just like MIUI (CC9e) does.

Anonym, 30 Dec 2019I would understand the argument if Xiaomi hadn't already re... moreHarsh but TRUE. NO MIUI, NO ADS, less profit on an already low-cost devices. That's why I myself avoid them but will wholely recommend them to a relative that isn't techie enough and won't whine about the next Android major release. It's still a bang-for-the-buck Android One phone (MiA3). Mi A3 is based on CC9e, it's NOT a flagship and it will follow an upgrade time of an entry-level phone (price-wise). The Android One is just a guarantee of an update or major upgrade and not about the update being "fast".

  • Zteam

lcd 82, 29 Dec 2019Looser also in A series for updating, A3/2 still running pi... moreWell, that's a bummer for sure, fast Android updates is why most people even consider these phones :-/

  • AnonD-907885

MagicMonkeyBoy, 29 Dec 2019You can get some amazing Chinese phones for that price.... ... moreI hate how people only think Samsung and Apple are the only brands worth buying.

  • hmm

Anonym, 30 Dec 2019I would understand the argument if Xiaomi hadn't already re... moreXiaomi get it's profit from MIUI and not from pure android. Thats why they dont care much about it when they dont profit much from it but have it just to fill the market with a choice. I dont see anything special about pure android. Mostly too expensive and medicore hardware. I have no problems with usability with miui and i would have not any problems probably when i would have what ever android skin. As i still can do everything i need with the phone and it's main functions so i dont see the fuss about it. Updates are not the life and i wont spend more cause of that and use same amount of time when i have need to buy new phone cause we live in a mass consuming era and switch phones every year and up to 200 euro phones are already so good that you dont actually need more. Especially when you dont care about games at all.

  • Zteam

Dagon96, 30 Dec 2019Sure, if you try not to get close to water and if you avoid... moreWell... Personally I don't give much for IP-classed phones anyway, my good old Sony Xperia Z3 Compact got a really weird issue with the in-ear speaker suddenly stopped to work a few days only to recover itself a few days later the device was seemed completely unharmed but I still send it in too Sony for warranty reasons they agreed it was water-damaged.

Samsung for example doesn't even cover water-damaged phones under warrantys any longer anyway.
Sure if the phone is properly sealed it's obviously better protected, but what if that seal happens to be broken on that device.


I treat my Xiaomi Mi 6 about the same as I did with my Sony Xperia Z3 Compact.
Despite the fact that Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is IP-67 classed.
I never used any of them in a pool or something like that, I use both in light rain.
The Mi 6 is over 2 years old now and still works as new.

  • hmm

Anuj, 29 Dec 2019Mi a3 is loser in everything. Because this hd panel is not ... moreFor it's price and proportion body size the specs were ok for it as a pure android device you cant get better for that price from anyone other.

  • Dometalican

Zero , 30 Dec 2019Ok, you should look for the global counterpart, the Mi 9T Pro. Missing Band 12 my friend. It will get reception but not enough of it. At the end of the day, it's a phone. Without much reception, it's pointless.

lcd 82, 29 Dec 2019Looser also in A series for updating, A3/2 still running pi... moreIts weird thou, my Mi 9T already had android 10 one month ago.
I had Mi A1 before and the updates were very fast on that one.

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2019Mi9t pro here and is amazing for a fraction of flagship pri... moreDid you switch the rom? Theres a better version? Im pretty cool with this one thou

  • SidewinderZ

The downside of my Mi 9 are: battery, speaker, and lil bit of software (it would be really good if xiaomi developing something like dex). Other stuffs are excellent!

  • Anonymous

Mi9t pro here and is amazing for a fraction of flagship prices. Notchless screen is stunning, gcam does amazing night shots, xiaomi.eu is the best rom with lots of features over global with smooth and adfree experience.