2019 Winners and Losers: vivo

02 January 2020
There were A LOT of phones by vivo in 2019, here's which were impressive and which flopped.

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  • S8 9.0

Very well said gsm, their os is crap and logically thinking whats the point of releasing the same phone under different names or downgrade camera from 12 to 8...

Loser: vivo's anti-Hong Kong, NBA, Hollywood position.

I definitely applaud vivo for having two different focal length for their telephoto lens, not like the one in Xiaomi Mi Note 10 where the 5x telephoto lens do... absolutely nothing as far as I can see.

Bere in Pakistan v17 pro is a loser especially for me because its more expensive than A70 and equal to Reno series and Realme X2 Pro which are better phones

  • I'mPhone

Most of Vivo phones are of poor (build) quality.

I have tested the Vivo V17 in a phone store, and tested the camera. While the image quality is quite good, it seems that the popup camera is not reliable, it seemed to shake a little upon opening.

The Z1 Pro has mediocre display and camera, at least compared to a Realme 5 Pro (I also tested the R5 Pro, and while the display is decent, the camera is fine, though the XT is better (and very nice)). Some of Z1 Pro owners actually complain overheating in games like PUBG Mobile, it's a shame because the Z1 Pro is advertised for its gaming prowess.

I have tested the Realme 5 and XT. Both phones, while large in size, has actually good quality. You can count on the Redmi Note 8 Pro too. I also tried the phone and it is quite good, though the Realme is still even better.

There was a case with the Vivo V5/V7's (2018) battery exploding because of overheat in my country. Googling it, no Redmi devices have experienced an issue this severe, despite being an old Redmi (like 4a).

Maybe except the NEX 3 (because I never touched it), Vivo phones generally are below par, not to mention the decent aftersales and poor service quality.

Weird, everyone keeps saying funtouxh is complicated, but I haven't really had that big of an issue, to be honest. I have the Vivo Nex 3, really love the phone. Though it is true, they have a lot of things with the settings.

Haven't quite figured out Jovi either.