Xiaomi's upcoming Mi 10 flagship rumored to pack a 4,800 mAh battery

28 December 2019
It's still early to say, but the company could be gearing-up to set a new smartphone battery charging record with its Mi 10 phone family.

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  • Anonymous

Nice to see manufacturers care about battery life

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2019I will explain that your redmi note 5 battery is almost 2 y... moreYou don't even know when I bought my Redmi Note 5 or my OnePlus, 2 years old my ass.
Also I was talking about the battery life when I bought them, so brand new, they both got me 9-10 hours screen on time, and last me a full day.
4k mAh battery, LCD smaller display, weaker SD 636, are better?
Enjoying my snappy Snapdragon 855 and AMOLED display on a 3.7k mAh battery with the same battery life hahaha

  • Salmon_Skin

just go into Developer options and disable "MIUI Optimization".
also disable "Memory Optimization".

  • AnonD-804996

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2019just turn off miui optimization in the dev settingsI have and whole thing started running wonky and apps were still dying for some dumb reason...

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2019just turn off miui optimization in the dev settingsI dont think he need to go that far, imho. Just a simple locking apps in memory management, i predict will solve his problems. #cmiiw

AnonD-804996, 29 Dec 2019Killing ProtonMail didn't "improve" security. It just made ... moreTried to locked all the apps you want to always active, in the RAM management. Its as easy as menu button, hold+tap and tap procedure.

Seems great and possibly might pack a huge camera setup similar to mi note 10 and off course will be 5G.

  • Dometalican

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2019A bigger battery on a slimmer phone obviously 😉Really hoping you're being sarcastic...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-804996, 29 Dec 2019Killing ProtonMail didn't "improve" security. It just made ... morejust turn off miui optimization in the dev settings

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2019This thing confuses me. I wanted to buy Mi 9 Lite after two... moreBuy a phone because you need it, not because you want it. You'll end-up on a rat race IF you always WANT new stuff.

  • AnonD-804996

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2019They kill apps because they care about security of their phones. Killing ProtonMail didn't "improve" security. It just made me not get notifications for my e-mails... It also kept killing my VPN apps like Blokada... It was quite annoying. The only thing I didn't like about MIUI. Otherwise I actually really liked MIUI. It looked really nice and had bunch of apps out of the box so I didn't have to download them extra (like pretty advanced data plan counter, weather app/widget, built in antivirus that scanned every installed app etc. It was really nice. But this app killing was super annoying. If you could turn it off entirely with one button and leave it to stock Android memory management, it would be great. If I'll ever return to Android from iPhone, it'll be either Xiaomi or OnePlus. Probably leaning more towards Xiaomi because I really like MIUI and its extra features.

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2019Should have said; "the bigger the battery, the better the boom" In sammy and apple case yes lol

Gusta, 29 Dec 2019Depend on the overal size on the phone especially the thick... moreYeah. I find my mi9tpro perfect in that regard. It's a bit on the heavy side though

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2019You are unbelievable You complain about smaller batteries ... moreA bigger battery on a slimmer phone obviously 😉

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2019They usually release their lite lineup in septemberThanks.

  • Anonymous

This is quite possible. Meanwhile Google 5 might finally get 3000 mAh in the best case scenario :) :) :).

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2019Then forget any Samsung, Google, Apple, etc, phones. Redmi... moreK30 does too. They are all important features to me. Just a shame that the K30 has that ugly double cutout. If it was just a single cutout I really wouldn't mind

  • Essen

The problem with the Mi series is it's afflicted with the same disease as flagship phones. Companies that make perfectly reasonable phones otherwise make a mess of flagships by removing utility. They will remove the headphone jack, memory card slot, provide it with a brittle, fingerprint attracting glass back. The current Mi 9 SE is a perfect phone in terms of size. But the reason I am not getting one is the lack of memory expansion.

  • Anonymous

Shadocx, 28 Dec 2019My Redmi Note 5 with SD 636, 5.99" LCD display and 4k mAh b... moreI will explain that your redmi note 5 battery is almost 2 years old while your oneplus's not even has been used one year lol

  • Gusta

Josephnero, 28 Dec 2019The bigger the battery the betterDepend on the overal size on the phone especially the thickness. Just look at 9.7mm bulk on the Mi Note 10 to acommodate the 4500 mAh. I prefer 4000 mAh battery but has slimmer profile just like Oppo Reno 3 Pro because the phone doesn't look thick when put on the case. Also today, most of flagship has fast charging technology (can fully charged about 1 hour).