Google Pixel 4a renders show punch-hole display and square camera cutout

30 December 2019
Take a look at the next-gen midrange Pixel.

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  • Aaron

Missing the 2 tone gradient back design on pixel 2 and 3 tho'

  • Anonymous

The Pixel 3a isvan awesome phone for the price. Absolutely awesome.

I wish they use sd 765 or at least sd 730G for this phone.

Nik, 31 Dec 2019If you put headphone jack, you better put an headset like its bi... moreOnly 1 updated version under belt????
Are you talking about Pixel 3a?
Cuz you're wrong. It has the same update cycle as flagship pixels. 2 years of Android updates and 3 years of security updates

  • Anonymous

If they gonna keep the 3.5 jack and give me the same camera at 300 potatoes this might replace my s8

  • Anonymous

The most appealing part of the leak is the phone’s dimension size. Perfectly usable with one hand but not too small, then followed by thin bezels.

  • Nik

If you put headphone jack, you better put an headset like its bigger siblings pix 3 (and older iphones and even impending se 2.). Pix 3 was sold for $349. I do wonder, why someone would buy inferior processor (and so does little bit of camera) with only one updated android version on the belt with $399. Otherwise, please keep the initial asking price to $299 and I'm you man.

  • Anonymous

And they'll proceed to botch the product launch by equipping it with a

Seriously guys, why you all think if Google Copy Apple?
Camera bump? Its not same.
Mid range phone? Its not same.
Its Original Google ways since Nexus.

Of course you will see same pricing, force to cloud storage, no sd card but still they are not same. Every OEM has own ways. Ya... Even some of them try to copy Apple.

  • Anonymous

expect lots of bugs, issues on this phone
during the release if gogel still wouldnt collaborate
to another company for hardware .. gogel
should focus only on what is their specialty.

  • Love the Community

AFPB, 30 Dec 2019Flagship phones Will never ever have 3,5mm jacks because compani... moreThen I want an Over Ear Bluetooth headphones with game-able 40mm Neodymium magnet drivers with a great battery for less than $300. Does that exist? Does ATH, Beyerdynamic, AKG, Sennheiser offer that?

  • Anonymous

so basically samsung galaxy s10e

I really like the Huawei Mate 20 series camera design... Well done Google :-)

it is possible to have 2 physical sims ... Apple became convinced after 12 years

Chev chelious , 30 Dec 2019Pixel company dream to be like iphone So patheticI hope no one will try to be like iPhone as Xiaomi does. Or anyone else if I think of it. I don't want "second line iPhone". I strongly believe Android is actually better than iOS. So no, I would not want it as Apple.

  • Anonymous

I would actually buy this is they had a damn SD slot.

Pabliell, 30 Dec 2019Pixel 3a had camera from Pixel 3, so I see no reason why Pixel 4... moreBut, it doesn't have the same cameras... If the render is correct. Also, I seem to think that the extra chip (forgotten name) was also missing.

Peachy001, 30 Dec 2019If this had Pixel 4 cameras, there would be no point buying the ... morePixel 3a had camera from Pixel 3, so I see no reason why Pixel 4a shouldn't follow this trend.

Pabliell, 30 Dec 2019I don't mind plastic build, or fingerprint reader on the back, o... moreIf this had Pixel 4 cameras, there would be no point buying the flagship. Seriously, plastic build, fingerprint (not under display), headphone jack. It ticks many boxes for me. Also, they tend to use proper size batteries in their mid ranged devices.

  • AFPB

Love the Community, 30 Dec 2019Yeah. It's $tupid for companies to have headphone jacks on midra... moreFlagship phones Will never ever have 3,5mm jacks because companies want to sell bluetooth headphones. Thats the ONLY reason they were left out.. not "courage" reasons