Get used to it - Samsung Galaxy S20 is Samsung's next flagship

31 December 2019
Samsung will release the Galaxy S20 and not the S11 in February.

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  • Maria

Happy New Year 2020 to all. This is my first one of 2020.
Oh well, who carea about the name? We are used to have the new phone and newer phone and more new phones every year and the name is easy to forget.
Remember when iPhone did not use the name 9 and it was a big news. But now, we do not care at all. The same case with Xiaomi Mi 7....who cares.

So, as long as Samsung brings a "WOW" effect in its new Galaxy S and the comfortable price LOL, we all forgive the name.

  • Harpoon

And the price will be over 1000 euros.

  • Gandalfdenvite

Galaxy S series have become irrelevant, it is far too ridiculously expensive, and the curved display makes them almost unusable because of all the reflections/glare! You can get identical "every day" performance... for half the money of what a Galaxy S series cost!

What's in a name? You can make people overreact to anything nowadays.

Take it easy folks. As long as they have a great phone, it can be called anything.

  • LOL

This reminds me of the time when the Chrome and Firefox browsers started chasing version numbers.

If Samsung wants to peg the Galaxy S-series' model number to the year number, that's fine. But it makes the naming schemes of the midrange A-series very confusing.

At least it's not as confusing as the Sony Xperia naming convention in the past couple of years, if you have been paying attention.

I'm guessing that in 2030, we would have a Galaxy S30?

  • I¬ímPhone

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2020If everything lives up to the hype, Looks like an upgrade is due... moreMight seem as a waste of money, but if the S20 (or S11) meets expectations then just go for it. Also ROG 2 is an overhyped device with subpar software.

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2020Zero is nothing because it is the beginning.... We begin from no... moreOr it was created to represent how helpful insulting people who disagree with you is, especially when you say that the first decade was made from 9 years (1-9) and declare that people who think this doesn't make sense do not posses a brain, which is biologically impossible. Or to represent one's credibility after making such an unhelpful statement.

Can't make a comment without making a personal attack? That means you can't make a useful comment. Spare us the embarrassment next time and refrain from falling back to such childish techniques.

  • Anonymous

ProJames-CHM, 31 Dec 2019In another thread someone was arguing with me that I should coun... moreZero is nothing because it is the beginning.... We begin from nothing not from a fixed reference point. The moment 1 bc ended, 1 ad started filling....that signalled beginning of decade. So 1-9 goes in first, 10 to 19 and so on. Zero was invented because there was no universal way of representing the brain cells in people who think decade begins at 2021

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Dec 2019Just... Follow your own logic for a second. People started co... moreAre you 1 year old when born? What an amazing calculating prowess you have dude! You deserve Einstein award for it. There is a reason array indexing starts at zero... Figure out why.

  • Anonymous

I still don't get why companies like doing this. Apple skipped the iPhone 9, elementary OS went from 0.4 to 5.0, all for what? A faked perception that "Oh, it's a higher number so it must be better?"

  • Anonymous

Pabliell, 31 Dec 2019There was no year 0 as far as I know, so the first decade goes f... moreThere is no year 0 but there is year 2020.

  • Anonymous

In the name of the new flagship S20 is encoded the
price ! It will be $2020 !

  • six_tymes

A Very Smart idea, should be obvious why.

I love the move. Match the number to the last two digits of the year. Apple should copy Samsung. Get rid of the iPhone S line. Just call the next one iPhone 20 or XX.

  • Anonymous

Halfthekgb, 01 Jan 2020What's wrong with s20?you honest,every name update for every year dont play name model phone?support S11 dont give up

I am waiting for the Lenovo Legion gaming series of phones... Supposedly the the legion gaming series will make the Asus rog phone 2 and nubia red magic 3s seem like child's play... They have a serious gaming beast on the way...

  • Anonymous

If everything lives up to the hype, Looks like an upgrade is due.
Time to sell the S10 and ROG 2.

it's not better, and no worry no matter what

Cyberchum, 01 Jan 2020Some people just love bickering. Allow them have their party. On... moreLol... this might be the reason why ppl fail maths