Oppo is recruiting beta testers for ColorOS 7 based on Android 10 for the F11 and F11 Pro

01 January 2020
The finalized version will be out sometime in 2020.

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  • Feroz Malik

Eranga_ML, 03 Jan 2020still not received ColorOS7 beta for Oppo F11Assallam o Aalikum sir I am from pakistan
colour O7 new update my device is Oppo F11 not update in Pakistan please Sar help update in coming soon help

  • Eranga_ML

still not received ColorOS7 beta for Oppo F11

  • Reno2

still not received ColorOS7 beta for Reno2

  • Sainil Rathod

Hi all go to recovery mode and try to update online.

  • Later

Why do people buy these phones !! Gosh the UI on color OS , Mi UI etc look so cheap , unaesthetic , mundane !

This is bad for the mobile phone industry and for consumer choice !

Consumers hardly get any phones with stock Android experience ! It's so sad !

  • Zain khan

I cannot find the option for trial update its only giving me the option overnight update. Only this option is available pls answer

  • No way

It should be a color os 7 beta then, why call it trial version ? Trial is always way different than final version. Buy device, run trial version, find bugs and report them back ? What kind of development and testing is this ?