Huawei will expand its Mobile Services ecosystem in 2020

02 January 2020
It plans to replace and expand the functionality currently provided by Google Mobile Services so it and app devs could be less reliant on Google.

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  • 22 Apr 2020

Read sour grapes down below... and up too :D

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    • Tamo
    • f3d
    • 04 Jan 2020

    A smart Shooter, 02 Jan 2020This is a great news. Google will d*e soon, especially in ... moreTrue that👌

      YUKI93, 03 Jan 2020You have to remember that people are so depending on Google... moreLike I said it's not like you suddenly lost access to your old mail account. Will Google ban everyone not using GAPPS? You can access mail, drive, photos, YouTube etc without GAPPS anyway. Just provide a ONE CLICK MIGRATING that support Google products and backups data

      In fact vanced is muuuch better than stock YouTube. MIUI mail also really good for ANY popular mail provider, drive and photos doesn't need bloats who ate memory on background.

      Addition ;
      Did you know memory footprint of our beloved GAPPS already over 500MB idle, without opening chromes. Chrome itself crowned l as most memory hogging browser. Did you know currently oreo and pie webview is chrome, that's one of reasons why most android apps is such memory inefficient. Can't remember but even Google planning to revert it back to slightly more efficient chromium in 10 or 11.

        Anonymous, 03 Jan 2020you're delusional if you think huawei can compete google ec... more1. GMS is NOT A MUST FOR WA (there's article about most used app in XDA which doesn't really need GMS), I just hate Facebook in general.

        2. It's not suddenly you got banned by Google for not using Gmail client. You can access your mail even without gapps, there are tons client alternative that can sync with your @Gmail

        3. Well, people won't suddenly migrating. Huawei & consortium HMS (BBK and some mayor south Korean brands) need to provide incentive, migrating tools, over long periods (3-5 years). Everyone knows it's hard to break MONOPOLY, but someone has to do it.

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          • 03 Jan 2020

          Huawei should also build a search engine then Google will eventually really be in trouble.

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            • 03 Jan 2020

            Maronza, 03 Jan 2020I cannot wait to starting using HMS already. I for one woul... morei second that. google will mirror us decline.

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              • pE7
              • 03 Jan 2020

              If their customer support will be better I'll definitely transfer to HMS

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                • No Google spyware
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                • 03 Jan 2020

                This is going to be awesome, finally a smartphone without bloated Google spyware!
                I'm excited to get a Mate 30 or P40 smartphone very soon. I've been using Huawei smartphones for quite a while now, they've always been the best, especially with their Leica camera, which blows any competition out of the water.

                You must be an extreme exhibitionist to actually want to use Google, getting off on Google stealing your most private data, reading your Gmail, tracking your every step, and creating profiles out of everything, just to sell them to whoever wants them (advertisers, NSA, etc.)

                Huawei won't collect your data and won't steal your private data, just to create profiles from it and sell it like Google does. Even in the case the Chinese government should be getting anything from Huawei (which is still very far fetched, and no proof for it), it would be totally worthless anywhere outside of China.

                With Google, you can be pretty much 100% sure that the US government *does* get your private data and profiles from Google, by means of NSA, and the reach of the US government outside of the US is a huge deal bigger than that of China.
                So the US government getting your private data from Google is significantly worse than the (still far fetched) case China would get your data.

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                  • Muhammad Bilal
                  • KIJ
                  • 03 Jan 2020

                  YUKI93, 03 Jan 2020You have to remember that people are so depending on Google... moreHuawei has increase its sale 18% this year
                  And sold mate 30 Pro 12 million unit World wide

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                    • PGq
                    • 03 Jan 2020

                    Means yet ANOTHER PROPRIETARY mobile service (backed by China Government Winnie The Pooh) for Huawei devices ONLY. Come on world we are STILL WAITING for another OPEN-SOURCE mobile service fo iOS, Android, and other OSes devices!!

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                      • Maronza
                      • fXn
                      • 03 Jan 2020

                      I cannot wait to starting using HMS already. I for one wouldn't be bothered by Google absence. My next phone will be google free. YES.

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                        • 03 Jan 2020

                        Yes, I am excited about WeiTube, Huawei Maps and Huawei Chrome.

                        Actually I was ironic..

                          Let me eiiiiiiiiin, 03 Jan 2020I hope HMS succeed. It means GOOGLE got rival, and it means... moreYou have to remember that people are so depending on Google that they wouldn't change to anything else because they think it would be difficult. That is why despite various promotions, the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro didn't gain traction. Really, those phones are for people who are already familiar with not using Google Mobile Services and more than ready to leave the whole Google ecosystem.

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                            • 03 Jan 2020

                            Let me eiiiiiiiiin, 03 Jan 2020I hope HMS succeed. It means GOOGLE got rival, and it means... moreyou're delusional if you think huawei can compete google ecosystem with good app alone

                            do you think people will change their 5 years old business email for huawei phone? or using whatsapp rip-off nobody use? browsing contentless youtube to kill time? or leaving your account on that gacha game that you grind for years to got you favorite anime girl's jpeg files?

                            people doesn't hate the apps per se, but huawei will most likely dead unless they can convince everyone and their mother to use the phone

                              Its very funny how people complain that Google sell their data to advertisers.You have no idea what coming your way with Huawei, a Chinese government backed company. Huawei is simply going to give Chinese Ministry of State Security all your data after they are no courts to hear any case against the Gvt. You don't say anything bad about the Gvt otherwise you disappear in broad day light. Chinese citizens are blocked from access to information that doesn't support Gvt. China is threatening countries that excludes Huawei from 5G but China blocked Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google, Youtube etc. No-one relocates to China.

                                Anonymous, 03 Jan 2020If you have proof that American companies or using your dat... moreSay anonymous :v

                                Fortunately, I don't live in china, so their government can't do sht for me. Meanwhile Google now hold some of my data, if I got banned by them for some reason I will lose uh, my mobile game accounts? I did make sure my financial stuff unlinked with Google, no Facebook account, use telegram /discord whenever possible instead what's app.

                                But I live in country that generally view USA as bad guy, while I doesn't do anything that warrant NSA attention (for now, maybe ever), but doesn't mean possibilities doesn't exist.

                                Btw, Having something tracking, capturing, profiling, and archiving your behaviour is just plain CREEPY, that's all what I think about Google and social media nowdays.

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                                  • 03 Jan 2020

                                  Let me eiiiiiiiiin, 03 Jan 2020I hope HMS succeed. It means GOOGLE got rival, and it means... moreIf you have proof that American companies or using your data, you can make a big deal of that and get big worldwide attention.
                                  In China it is much more different with private data. Don't even try to say anything against government.

                                    I hope HMS succeed. It means GOOGLE got rival, and it means competition. Everyone know competition will boost quality of services and improvement. And we will reap benefit from it.

                                    I don't understand people who dislike HMS?

                                    Do they afraid their beloved Google loosing ground. It's just a companies who collect and profiling your data and sell it to ads companies and (mainly) USA agency

                                    Do they afraid data mining? Google (and Facebook etc) has done soo much such a things and breaking your privacy everyday anyway.

                                    Do they afraid China? What can China do outside their countries is much limited than what US could do (physically or with your collected profile data)

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                                      • Shui8
                                      • KZK
                                      • 03 Jan 2020

                                      Its Huawei's 2020 vision, 'survival'.

                                      They invest a lot of money & effort in other to stay within competition with HMS. I heard Oppo & some others chinese brand will join it, as GMS alternative if things goes south. Hopefully it work out & i'll upgrade my Mate 20 to Mate 40 later this year.

                                        This is a great news.
                                        Google will d*e soon, especially in asian countries.