The next Nokia flagship allegedly delayed to switch to a Snapdragon 865 chip

03 January 2020
The Nokia 9.1 was originally rumored to come with a Snapdragon 855. However, HMD is reportedly changing both the phone's chipset and name.

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Nokia never made it to the DXO Mark top 10.
And they invest so much in camera modules.
I hope they make it happen this time.
Come on Nokia, it's 2020. Now there is no room for mistakes, the last decade is over.

Jean-Francois Baril, 03 Jan 2020Which smartphones does HMD Global employees use??Nokia Phones of course.

  • AnonD-907885

YUKI93, 03 Jan 2020Nokia 9 PureView successor with SD865 and 5G. I'll be waiti... moreThe 8.2 will probably have the SD765.

  • Jos

Definitely buying. NOKIA 9.2

  • Jean-Francois Baril

Which smartphones does HMD Global employees use??

  • maine

I must say a friend got Nokia 6.1 and got blown away by the built quality and software smoothness!
BUT, Nokia releases new phones at a veeeeery slow pace!
It's impossible to compete with Huawei and Samsung!
These guys release lots of phones every month!
If Nokia doesn't take this into consideration, they are in big trouble.

Namelesss, 03 Jan 2020With all due respect Sir, stop hoping, Nokia is dead. This ... moreAfter I saw Nokia 9, I stopped to believe and hope that HMDNokia will make true flagship

I was going to be one of those future buyers of this new Nokia 9.2 Pureview but seeing the little information provided by HMD, the obsolete hardware with which their devices are launched and the continuous delays, I have preferred to pay much more and buy a Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G to avoid wait longer and not have any information about the new Nokia Pureview.

And I didn't mind having to install Google Services, which work perfectly on the Mate 30 Pro.

And the Leica camera lens that the Mate 30 Pro has bring at the present day is infinitely better than Nokia's Pureview Zeiss.

It's a purchase that reading news like this from Nokia, I don't regret buying the Mate 30 Pro.

  • AnonD-833125

YUKI93, 03 Jan 2020I wouldn't. When it comes to software version update and se... moreSoftware updates is not what average person is interested in. Sony and Nokia are among the best when it comes to software updates, but their phones are not selling. Samsung are among the worst at software updates, but everybody buys their phones.
I consider myself a tech guy and I am not interested in software updates, if the phone is working correctly. Probably other people think the same.

  • AnonD-833125

After the fiasco I had with the Nokia 7 plus charging port, no more Nokia phones for me in the future. Sad, because my first phone was a Nokia and my first smartphone was a Nokia.

NotAnOpinion, 03 Jan 2020Can we all just give up on a Nokia comeback? Sheesh!I wouldn't. When it comes to software version update and security patches, Nokia is definitely the king. Only OnePlus manages to get on par, but OnePlus didn't have a vast range of model as Nokia.

Nokia 9 PureView successor with SD865 and 5G. I'll be waiting, this might be the time where HMD Nokia would redeem themselves. At the same time, pretty excited about the mid-ranger with SD765.

KebabSLO, 03 Jan 2020Smart move. I hope it will be true flagship phone.With all due respect Sir, stop hoping, Nokia is dead. This HMD people keeps on disrespecting Nokia's name year after year

  • Carol

six_tymes, 03 Jan 2020A smart move. It would have been dumb to use the soon to be... moreI see no reason as of why this CPU's are disgarded, only a tech wannabe running after specs can be so dumb and not see what actually happens in this perticular industry...

  • Carol

chester, 03 Jan 2020Yah...RIP Nokia...Samsung took your placeThe only place samesung took, is money, the rest of the Story is ruled by Nokia all over. And here am not talking about samesung only, but about every mobile device.

  • Anonymous

Nokia is falling behind and too slow

  • q

Im waiting 8.2, not 9.2

  • Anonymous

Interesting, this somewhat refutes my conspiracy theory that Nokia (as well as any other manufacturer using Android One) must have inferior specs to Google's Pixels on their Android One products compared to comparable Google's Pixels.

That conspiracy theory of mine would explain why Nokia didn't use newer-generation Snapdragon 8xx chipsets on the 8 Sirocco and 9 Pureview ahead of Google, and why those phones failed to impress in other aspects, such as camera specs. It'd also explain why e.g. the Xiaomi Mi A3 has a 720p screen, or why the Nokia 6.2/7.2 use a plastic frame instead of an aluminium one. It's as if they couldn't outdo Google, so they had to keep producing unimpressive phones.

In that regard, this could be a game-changer. Even if they put let's say an unimpressive camera on it, it'd make for a phone that in at least that one aspect would be ahead of Google. It would certainly be interesting to see such a move from Nokia.

  • six_tymes

A smart move. It would have been dumb to use the soon to be older 855, with everyone else soon to hit the market with the 865. they would have looked bad using an 855 in this particular phone.

  • Larry

Davy Jones, 03 Jan 2020I don't think crappy Samsung or any OEM can take Nokia's pl... moreYeah king Samsung already takes the top market share from your crappy nokia. Deal with it :(