The next Nokia flagship allegedly delayed to switch to a Snapdragon 865 chip

03 January 2020
The Nokia 9.1 was originally rumored to come with a Snapdragon 855. However, HMD is reportedly changing both the phone's chipset and name.

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  • Anonymous

as usual human as we are, we only remember
good things when its gone already.

  • Anonymous

Wow, Nokia is a disaster. They released a flag ship way late, with out custom hardware to do their light camera properly in still or video (once they can process mega images quickly they can do lower resolution video), with an pathetic chipset. Now, they are going to skip a repair reputation phone I've been waiting for, to release another phone with an old chipset when Qualcomm is releasing the 875. Oh, my head. Better to buy the xiaomi with the Sony Light partnership official light camera modules with processing support. They strangled the goose that was to lay the golden eggs.

For such flagships, they should have tried to first off the rank with a flagship chipset, which means 865 now, not 855x.

  • Anonymous

Nokia should make two variants of flagship. One is equipped with less radical cameras which will take less duration from development to final product launch. Another one with radical camera such as 9 PureView

chester, 03 Jan 2020Yah...RIP Nokia...Samsung took your placeI don't think crappy Samsung or any OEM can take Nokia's place. I don't remember any innovation from Samsung except those hated curved screen and punch hole display.

HMD is just ruining Nokia's Name and legacy :(

  • Anonymous

wish they could catch up on pricing of the Chinese brands.

  • Fizzy

This is such a shame from Nokia, I was a very Avid fan of Nokia as I am sure a lot of others were throughout the years, a lot of people on here say, Samsung is top or Apple is on top, but Nokia was on top for 14 years in a row, they were not the highest selling phone since 2012, so Samsung and or Apple have quite a few years to go to reach the success that Nokia Did! However and that's a big However, Nokia kind of shot themselves in the foot when releasing the Nokia 9. I actually ordered one myself, but of course they couldn't even handle all the orders that were placed, I read people were getting thier phones early, but mine was delayed for weeks, then I read the phone was slow when processing images and that you would have to edit every picture, not to mention it was going to use an old chipset, I had a lot of confidence in the Nokia 9, but by the end of it, I cancelled my order, and bought a Huawei Mate 20 Pro instead, it was half the price and had exceptional features, like the 40MP camera, 3 camera set up at the back, under the screen fingerprint reader and a face recognition. I mean I hope Nokia would make a come back, but it doesn't look like thier hearts are in it anymore, they really need to compete with specifications because that's what people look for theses days!

  • Now

Nokia , pack your bags and shut shop !!

Nokia needs to retrace it's visionary,Finnish steps to glory, not the Chinese ones as it currently stands.

Smart move. I hope it will be true flagship phone.

  • Anonymous

NotAnOpinion, 03 Jan 2020Can we all just give up on a Nokia comeback? Sheesh!Stop being a pessimist. Anyone or any company can make a comeback if they try hard enough. The possibility is always there. Even for microsoft, palm, blackberry heck even siemens or sagem if they really want to. Be positive. A new challenger is always good for the consumer

  • LOL

Nokia needs to go big or go home. Otherwise it's a huge disrespect to Zeiss. Show us smartphone photography that puts Pixel phones to shame.

Nokia can't compete with the midrange phones from Samsung and Xiaomi etc. So there's no point releasing so many midrange phones.

NotAnOpinion, 03 Jan 2020Can we all just give up on a Nokia comeback? Sheesh!Yah...RIP Nokia...Samsung took your place

Can we all just give up on a Nokia comeback?