Weekly poll: what will be the most exciting feature of 2020 smartphones?

05 January 2020
100+ MP cameras or 120Hz screens? 100W charging or foldable phones?

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Jack Frost, 10 Jan 2020Lmao! There are plenty of water resistant phones that have... moreMan please wake up you clearly dont know what you speak about.
Those plenty water resistant devices with port have mostly IP67 which doesnt matter.
Evenn IP69k is obsollette thing if water resistance can apply for guarantee when your phone suffers water damage.
Its another useless thing worth no money because no warranty will cover water damage even your phone is water resistant.
There is nothing wrong with earbuds.
Even your brain would like to thank you to not hear music 24/7 and 365/24.
Enough has been said.
Have a ncice day.

By the way USB-C can use dongle.

CptPower, 10 Jan 2020Well going against the jack means having more water and dus... moreLmao!
There are plenty of water resistant phones that have the port. A wired earphone doesn't need to be charged and I'm not gonna start on the inconveniences, pathetic battery backup of earbuds. Unlike Type-C earphones, 3.5mm jack earphones don't require expensive DAC to sound great. They're pretty cheap too compared to wireless ones, one of your biggest concerns. And do you have any idea how many phones they saved from dropping? Of course you don't. Why am I even replying to you? Good day mate!

Jack Frost, 10 Jan 2020I'm pretty sure you care neither about audio quality nor ab... moreWell going against the jack means having more water and dust resistance and more spúpace for more usefull features and less vires from an useless hole worth nothing.
There is nothing good which came from jack at least in this modern future like era.

CptPower, 10 Jan 2020I also know what i want and manufacturers the great compani... moreI'm pretty sure you care neither about audio quality nor about convenience. You can go wireless all you want, a headphone jack should not hurt in any way. But going against the jack is plain stupidity.

Jack Frost, 09 Jan 2020Speak for yourself. Unlike you, I actually know what I want.I also know what i want and manufacturers the great companies thinking the same way as i do.
Unless you make your own phone company you can say good bye to jack.

CptPower, 07 Jan 2020Noone wants that old stupid obsollete and useless so called... moreSpeak for yourself. Unlike you, I actually know what I want.

Jack Frost, 05 Jan 20203.5mm Headphone JackNoone wants that old stupid obsollete and useless so called technoloy or feature.
We already have wireless earphones and earplugs and phones which are capable of charge them wirelessly.

Well for me either of them.
I really would like to see a thorium fuel cells powered smartphone.
Thats the one with unlimited battery energy and self refueling capabilities.

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2020Fast charging and Qi charging that do not harm battery do n... moreYes, so this 100W, 50W yada yada rapid charging etc. Are all sh"ts

  • anonpt

Missed pool answer: non of the above.

So let's see...

Foldable sized phones with no foldable screen. I mean a cheaper version with two or more flat sliding screens, one behind the other when closed? See it as a cheaper version foldable screen.

Custom built smartphones might become the next flashship feature. Foldable phones is not enough of a killer feature to justify higher prices, custom built maybe if you can choose desired hardware...

Possible Smartphones size reduction, foldable screens pushing collision route with smart watches size? new kind of device possible?

Smartphone OS war. Huawei vs Google with HarmonyOS... will this mean cheaper and better phones.

More VR and AR resulting from higher screen refresh rates and increased processing power. Might also have a role on desktop VR by becoming an alternative to dedicated VR hardware. VR&AR are not dead... Just waiting for better smartphone spec's at lower prices.

Motion based energy production not only for charging but also to power smartphones from multiple energy sources and extend running time. Something like an hybrid power source smartphone.

Monolithic design smartphones (not new but pushing it further). Portless is possible but wireless charging needs to catch up with wired charging speeds. Along with notchless, not that I like but is becoming standard? Buttonless...or single button...Yeh why not.

Increased security of smartphones. Not only better OS, but also better and more frequent updates. This is already a major factor when choosing manufacturer.

Smartphone with increased desktop experience. Processing power, memory, storage in smartphones is already near if not above some laptops and desktops, it just needs better interaction and usability with external devices to become more partical. Remember microsoft Continuum... the prob: it was ahead of its time in 2015 and experience was just the same of a phone...

Keep dreaming.

Ah almost forgot, someone ask Elon Musk to build a smartphone with same alloy and glass of cybertruck... a cyberphone?

No mention of graphene batteries???

  • leugimrc

who cares????

YUKI93, 05 Jan 2020Yes, that is why I still don't embrace super fast charging.... moreYeah 1 and a half hours charging is still perfectly reasonable to me. No need for more speed = more heat.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2020They do. But not as easy as metal. Metal back will also l... morePlastic definitely scratches more easily than metal. It is softer than metal! All my plastic phones are badly scratched at the back but my metal phones look pristine (if you don't look too closely).

HovadoLesni, 06 Jan 2020That sounds like you have a problem with network.That is the point, we all have problems with our network at some point. If you don't believe me, just check forums for any network provider in the world. My network provider simply shut down its forum presence last year as they decided it was easier than having to pretend to apologise all the time.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2020What a brilliant revelation. So glass and plastic do not sc... moreThey do. But not as easy as metal.
Metal back will also lose its paint, not just show scratches.

  • gaaron

ill give you some taste of what really useful feature...i need a phone that can connect to two wifi network...it is very useful...the Bluetooth already done it...it can connect to two speaker...now its wifis turn this time...

  • Anonymous

Marc Aurel, 06 Jan 2020I would be exited if at least some Android manufacturers wo... moreMany provide better support. And in all actuality they all... Including apple kind of suck. I'm guessing what you meant is provide as long of support. That would be nice.

  • Anonymous

MachoPH, 06 Jan 2020best feature is low price!already available since 2018...
either go for leftover sets of previous flagship models or choose a current model with a price within your range that uses a dependable chipset of previous generation...

  • Anonymous

can't wait with what Oppo Vivo Realme and iQoo are going to offer...