Weekly poll: what will be the most exciting feature of 2020 smartphones?

05 January 2020
100+ MP cameras or 120Hz screens? 100W charging or foldable phones?

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3.5mm Headphone Jack

    What about using durable materials, so we don't have to put special protection on our beautiful phones? Or about adding widely used features, instead of cutting them out?
    In 2020 I'd like to see consumer friendly practices instead of stupid race for bigger numbers.
    But I know it won't happen. Money rules, not common sense.

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      • JABB12
      • 3UB
      • 05 Jan 2020

      For those of us who can’t afford to buy a phone every year, 5G will be the most important feature.

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        • Love the Community
        • Fv4
        • 05 Jan 2020

        Though I already have a 120hz smartphone. 2020 should be about cameras, both front and back; Although, In-display selfie camera is more important because this will lead to a real and unobtrusive bezelless screen (don't remove bottom bezel but make the side and top bezels as thin as the bottom).

        2019 is not the Year of the 5G. 5G won't be real until Q2 2020.

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          • uGN
          • 05 Jan 2020

          Longer lasting batteries maybe