Alcatel 3L, 1S, 1V and 1B go official

06 January 2020
Here is the latest wave of budget Alcatel handsets you can expect to find from your carrier.

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  • Anonymous
  • k45
  • 25 Nov 2020

I wouldn't buy any of these. I have a Cricket Alcatel Verso, (5044C) with a snapdragon 210/212 chipset, 2gb ram, 16 gb storage. My brother has a Alcatel Onyx, both of our phones suffer from the battery heating up randomly. Mine expanded a few months after getting the phone, Im defying all common sense right now with it. Build quality should be fine, it looks like plastic, which is fine for budget phones, id just steer away and head for a A11 or Stylo 5.

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    • Reader1
    • AIC
    • 07 Jan 2020

    Well I bought the Alcatel 1S 2019 from last year for less than 100 Euros and I think it is a solid phone for the price range. 3GB Ram and 32GB storage is pretty good and even Xiaomi offers only 2GB Ram phones in the same price range. There is even a 4GB Ram with 64GB storage version of the Alcatel 1S for just 10-20 Euros more. I am pleased with the phone, it even offers pick to wake feature, which shows time and missed notifications. Display is crisp at almost 300 ppi and the speaker is good too. Performance is good and you can even play Pubg Mobile with minimal lag at lowest settings. The UI is very close to stock Android and has a couple of useful features without being too much.

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      • hmm
      • m2J
      • 07 Jan 2020

      Alcatel with these smartphones have always been low end hardware. But the 1B at least is way better then Nokia C1 and thats at least something

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        • tPG
        • 07 Jan 2020

        MediaTek, I'll pass.

          Good bunch of phones for the price consciousness individual. There good phones. Good value for money. Perfect for an everyday use on either a bit of a budget or someone who simply just wants a phone. Not bad specs. Does everything a good smartphone can do. Obviously it's no heavy gaming phone. But not everyone can afford a flagship phone. And not everyone might want to spend a lot off money on a phone. I am quite impressed with Alcatel. This range is the best range so far that they have produced. Remember that they do aim to provide phones for price conservative people.

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            • balthazar
            • RqR
            • 06 Jan 2020

            The only good thing is it's running the latest Android version. The rest ist just meh

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              • AnonD-558092
              • 45}
              • 06 Jan 2020

              "The chipset gets a slight downgrade to a MediaTek MT6762D and memory is reduced to #GB RAM"

              When you put so low memory in a device that it underflows.