Google Pixel 4a design confirmed by leaked case renders

06 January 2020
The design follows the premium Pixel 4 with a square camera hump, but the sole camera on it makes it look weird.

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6ix, 11 Jan 2020Who places a 3.5mm jack at the top in 2020Google.

case designs have absolutely nothing to do with what the front looks like!!!!come on gsmarena

  • Anonymous

6ix, 11 Jan 2020Who places a 3.5mm jack at the top in 2020The story is that it still has a headphone jack, not the placement.

  • 6ix

Who places a 3.5mm jack at the top in 2020

  • Anonymous

Needs to have a 128 GB option.

  • Ab

The Case also confirmed that the pixel 4a will have a punch hole display.

  • Anonymous

Lets see if people gonna made fun of it or not?

  • spam

i don't know who is designing this phones but they should change him/her

Love the design why add one camera why not two instead with 128gb of internal storage is that too much to ask 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • nickname

single camera. fail!
not to jump on the multi camera bandwagon
but the added camera on the pixel 4 is quite helpful with the added features

Wow, making a huge camera bump without actually putting anything on it. Basically Google just want to copy the iPhone 11 looks. Even the Chinese are doing a better job at this. It’s pathetic.

  • I'mPhone

Booble phones have been a mess lately.

If the price touches the $400 mark and fails to equip it with at least a Sd730 chipset, then its Chinese competitors will sink it easily. Not to mention they've got more than 1 camera (including ultrawide, telephoto, or even macro). I also don't want Google using a plastic back and frame for the 4a.

  • Anonymous

Google insists on putting the camera tumour on its phone even though there is only one camera. Just centre it like the designs of old!

Eww what a distaster it looks like a cross-eyed derpface.

Shady69, 06 Jan 2020it will hurt them if this one gonna have a bigger battery t... moreTough, the 4 was a mess, in terms of battery. And I know the comments from others may be that the weaker processor needs less power. But please, cmon, sub 3000mA in a near 6 inch device....

  • Anonymous

This just show that Google doesn't even care anymore smh

  • mick

always the most stupid design!

it will hurt them if this one gonna have a bigger battery than the standard pixel 4, doesn't matter if the standard has a 90hz screen.

one thing i can't understand, why the square camera bump if they are using one camera and a led flash? even it has a sensor.

  • Anonymous

IF they Price it at 700 euros in Sweden again it will fail utterly.

Square-style camera but only one lens. Right... :|