Sony Xperia 5 Plus surfaces with a headphone jack and dual front speakers

07 January 2020
It sports a 6.6" OLED panel.

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  • Mohsen
  • gCj
  • 18 Aug 2020

I loved, but

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    • Wasim
    • mT@
    • 23 Jan 2020

    I am a sony user past 8 years i believe.
    But I do not understand, why they didn't change the body shape. Except "BOX" shape.
    I Love Sony phones and products...

      the return of the headphone jack piqued my interest, my last sony was xperia xz premium, it has the headphone jack, since then I move to iphone 11 pro max figuring I will buy the one you are copying from..always like Sony I can forgive the 2 years only support but I always will prefer listening to my hi res music collection via headphones.

        Anonymous, 11 Jan 2020Look at the HDR done by phones like Apple, Samsung and Goog... moreYou don't even know what you're talking about, do you? Google's HDR+ stacks underexposed images and brings up shadows in post unlike what Apple, Samsung and Huawei use for HDR processing, so it exactly does what you mean by "playing with exposure", yet you also decided to criticise Pixel for producing "fake looking" photos. Furthermore, saturated colours or extra contrast in the image are not caused by HDR stacking itself. If the cloud looks bluer than it should and shadow areas look crushed, then that's the problem with the post processing that takes place after HDR stacking. iPhone doesn't produce purplish sky and motion blur occurs not only in HDR but also in regular multi frame noise reduction or even long exposure too, so basically almost everything you just said is an utter falsehood. Smartphone cameras are different from dedicated cameras therefore need different solutions to produce good looking photos.. just admit it already ffs.

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          • AnonD-863866
          • fxH
          • 12 Jan 2020

          How much refresh rate this phone?

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            • Anonymous
            • LQu
            • 11 Jan 2020

            Anonymous, 09 Jan 2020Who says HDR has to be fake-looking? You haven't seen HDR d... moreLook at the HDR done by phones like Apple, Samsung and Google.
            All have same issues ...

            On cloudy days, the gray of clouds gets darker or even blueish (samsung).
            Foreground brighter than it is.
            Saturated colours (pixel makes black go deep blacks)
            Motion blur at night (because shutter speed of each frame is slower than 1/16)
            Sky is bluer than it is (pixel) or even purpleish (iphone).

            Playing with exposure is better than stacking.
            Image stacking makes phontos fake looking ...

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              • GrU
              • mxW
              • 11 Jan 2020

              Lagging, 09 Jan 2020Sony fanbois 2016 : finally sony back to the game Sony fan... moreHahaha...... When fanboys were taking pictures of fun in the pool with friends (xperia z, z1) ... Samsung still had removable back on its phones... And many more....

                Berserker, 08 Jan 2020That is my problem. Im watching media mainly on my tablet, ... moreGoes for the taste. Tbh why is plastic a bad thing? Well to be fair every phone is plastic, but coated in glass. Plastic on pocophone is good, on others brands? ...i had s8 went only 1x on the ground cracked gorilla glass immediately. Plastic is also lighter and with cooling is not even hot. XZ compound wasnt plastic in entirety. Was some kind of mixture which was durable as any other.

                I think depends on taste.

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                  • dhirenmak
                  • X%x
                  • 10 Jan 2020

                  Oh how i miss sony ericsson phones.
                  Sony does make a good phone, no doubt but the pricing has always been wrong. And their camera software needed work, no ois on even flagship phones until recently, mediocre audio quality and worse resale value has killed sony's mobile department. Wonder why hasnt the company solved these issues till now. Sony has no good phones in midrange and their high end range isnt better than the competition. Heck even huawei managed to give samsung stiff competition in high end range but sony could never do it.
                  They need to bring back walkman and cybershot type phones. Need something different instead of doing what others are doing.

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                    • Shui8
                    • KZK
                    • 10 Jan 2020

                    Commenter, 09 Jan 2020You have to visit an Eye Surgeon ASAP. Dont you see the thi... moreI think u confuse the black wallpaper as the thick bezels. This phone bezels is indeed thinner.

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                      • optimizer
                      • XS5
                      • 10 Jan 2020

                      Prefer it with Bezels

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                        • Eyeofthebeholder
                        • wrf
                        • 09 Jan 2020

                        Probably has fragile glass back so no good. I'll stick with my xz1 compact.

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                          • Commenter
                          • SmG
                          • 09 Jan 2020

                          Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020Copy of iphone 5????? You have to visit an eye surgeon ASAPYou have to visit an Eye Surgeon ASAP. Dont you see the thick bezels look like iphone 5

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                            • Lagging
                            • tx0
                            • 09 Jan 2020

                            Sony fanbois 2016 : finally sony back to the game
                            Sony fanbois 2017 : finally sony back to the game
                            Sony fanbois 2018 : finally sony back to the game
                            Sony fanbois 2019 : finally sony back to the game
                            Sony fanbois 2020 : finally sony back to the game

                            Me : sony always back to the remote tv design and always fail, except delusional fanbois doesn't agree with me 😂😂😂

                            Remember when samsung started with another modern design s8, sony still using block crap design.
                            everyone in the comments : wow best design
                            reality : no one buying.

                            Sony vs everyone in the comments section : sony is the best design, camera, display, optimization
                            Reality : 🤦‍♂️

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                              • Anonymous
                              • vV5
                              • 09 Jan 2020

                              Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020It is impossible to avoid fake looking when you boost HDR. ... moreWho says HDR has to be fake-looking? You haven't seen HDR done right. Go and look at the single exposure shot of a high-contrast scene from a professional camera and tell me that is what your eyes see.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • Kxr
                                • 09 Jan 2020

                                Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020It is impossible to avoid fake looking when you boost HDR. ... moreHdr can be tuned in on devices.
                                So natural looking colors are captured.
                                You never fiddled with the settings.

                                  Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020It is impossible to avoid fake looking when you boost HDR. ... more"The purpose of a camera is to capture the scene as close as it is possible"
                                  You seriously think current Xperia phones are achieving that?
                                  Xperia phones still employ HDR processing, which is more traditional one compared to what others use. In other words, its competitors in a mobile phone market are doing the same thing as Sony, but a lot faster and more intelligently. Smartphones have relatively smaller sensors than DSLR or even most compact cameras therefore NEED smarter image processing to achieve good image quality, otherwise it will simply end up like Xperia 5's camera: decent image quality during the day but not outstanding in any way, while struggling to expose scenes correctly when the light is not sufficient.

                                  "If someone prefers saturated/warm over reality, this person has issues"
                                  Photography is art and art is all about preference. Maybe you're the one who's having a wrong perception about the fundamental idea of photography.

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                                    • MUBARAK
                                    • xhp
                                    • 09 Jan 2020

                                    Knowing that I'm not the only one hating notch or punch hole is a relief. I LOVE the design of this phone, especially for the thinner bezzel (no notch), flat screen and 3.5 jack. But I agree on some comments here that size should be more compact. I know I know, everyone in this industry nowadays is following the same trend in terms of having big screen, but still 6.6 is HUGE.

                                    I'm not a tech geek, all I hope is that Sony will make it more compact for the market version and I'd buy it in a heart beat despite the fact I need to fly to Singapore to get it. I really want to switch my A8 2018 but I need a flat screen and don't like seeing notch or punch hole.

                                      Gru , 08 Jan 2020Night mode? Hah... Meaning... A predefined set-up for users... moreIf one wants to fiddle with manual settings every time he/she wants to take a good night shot, then that person might want to use a dedicated camera instead. Night mode does it automatically for you and that's actually the entire point of having a smartphone camera - it takes a great shot just by pressing the shutter button yet still is thin enough to fit easily into your pocket.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • pC9
                                        • 08 Jan 2020

                                        Berserker, 08 Jan 2020You forgot the main thing, it must be bezzelless or not? LolNo, I don't care about the borders, they can be thin like on the so-called Xperia 5 Plus presented here, wider, it's not my problem. My problem is the total size of the phone. A Samsung S10e is 142mm, which is more than 1cm taller than my compact Sony XZ1. But I understand that buyers would appreciate thin borders (people seem to hate notches).