Realme shipped 25M phones in 2019, plans to double that in 2020

07 January 2020
This would be double the amount, shipped in 2019.

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Anonymous, 07 Jan 2020They will make 25 million models and sell 2 of each.Ha ha good one.

Realme is kicking some butt. But they should really think the way they release multitude of models within a short period of time. It will only confuse consumers. I mean I go to a retailer, and there are Realme 3, 3 Pro, C2, C2 Pro, 5, 5i, 5 Pro, 5s, XT, X2, etc. Holy smokes, how does one decide which one to get? Which one is better? I know 5 is probably better than 3, but there are 5, 51, 5s, and 5 Pro... It's a total mess and nightmare.

non-5G exits China, 07 Jan 2020According to a report from China Mobile, by the end of 2020... moreOf course, 5G implementation is of the uttmost importance in china, not because it will provide better services to users, but because it will gather unthinkable ammounts of data to gvt entities there, much more accurate control and intelligence to really implement the "big brother concept", in modern times all people willingly and happyly carry the ultimate surveillance device! And the 5G makes it really possible

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They will make 25 million models and sell 2 of each.

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And Google cant even sell 1M.

  • non-5G exits China

According to a report from China Mobile, by the end of 2020, the cost difference between 5G and its non-5G variants will be minimized, and 5G smartphones as low as CHY1500 ($200) should be available. Starting with 2021, non-5G smartphone will start to exit Chinese market.

Immediately after this report, Realme CEO made an announcement that non-5G Realme smartphones will exit Chinese market starting January-1-2020. From now on, all smartphones made for Chinese Market will be 5G and 5G only, from flagships to models as low as 1000CHY ($150).

As a response to Realme, a Xiaomi executive said Xiaomi will make a determination very soon regarding a cut-off date of non-5G smartphones for Chinese Market.