Realme shipped 25M phones in 2019, plans to double that in 2020

Yordan, 07 January 2020

Realme had a big event in China today, where the Realme X50 5G was announced, and the arrival of the Realme Buds Air in its domestic market. During the presentation, the founder and CEO of the company, Sky Li, revealed the ambitious plans of the brand - to ship twice as many phones in 2020 compared with 2019.

Realme plans to ship 50 million smartphones by the end of the year Sky Li, Realme Global CEO

Realme pushed 25 million smartphones in the past 12 months, meaning the plans for 2020 are 50 million units to be distributed. This will be achieved by introducing devices with impressive specs at aggressive prices, combined with the expected market growth caused by the 5G networks deployment.

Realme plans to ship 50 million smartphones by the end of the year



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  • Anonymous

Ha ha good one.

Realme is kicking some butt. But they should really think the way they release multitude of models within a short period of time. It will only confuse consumers. I mean I go to a retailer, and there are Realme 3, 3 Pro, C2, C2 Pro, 5, 5i, 5 Pro, 5s, ...

Of course, 5G implementation is of the uttmost importance in china, not because it will provide better services to users, but because it will gather unthinkable ammounts of data to gvt entities there, much more accurate control and intelligence to r...

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