Sony began seeding ICS update to the 2011 Xperia lineup

13 April, 2012
Xperia arc S, Xperia neo V and Xperia ray in the Nordic countries are the first to get the treatment.

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Hahaha, anyone seeing this in 2018? :D

It's weird, but in a funny way.

  • bombaglad

manurd350, 25 Apr 2012I have updated Xperia Neo V, the update start rolling in In... moreu can take screenshots by pressing the power and volume down buttons.

  • yogesh

ics update is amzing.....i'm using xperia neo update on 23rd april......lovi'n it......

  • farhan

Joey, 03 May 2012Well clearly, the damn battery wont charge on the USB and c... moreConnect ur phone to the comp and choose software repair in the pc companion.hope this should work!!

  • grotesqome

Does any of you know an actual date for ics uk release on xperia s?

  • Kim

AnonD-28095, 24 Apr 2012I got my ICS 4.0 in Kenya, Africa. Looks awesome. Great W... moreHi guy. Have you know when ice cream sandwich will be available in Cambodian? I am using Sony neo . Pls tell me.... Or it isn't yet ready to update? Thank in advance .

  • AnonD-50624

manurd350, 25 Apr 2012I have updated Xperia Neo V, the update start rolling in In... moreScreen capture= pow button + vol down at the same time!!!

  • BeloMedical

Hi kababayans! The ICS is not really slow, it's just a matter of setting the animation for both windows and transistion effects from Settings>Developer Options tab. All good and smooth. What I noticed was that is much faster in terms of response if you have a 3rd party home launcher (e.g Go Launcher, ADW, LP, etc.) but if you have the stock/default homescreen, its noticably smooth. To help you guys a bit, try installing the "Fast Reboot" app. Clears cache and memory in a snap for a faster performance.

  • Joey

Well clearly, the damn battery wont charge on the USB and cant access my memory card on PC.

Surprisingly my phone seems to hang up more often than self resolve like before

  • nico

rap, 27 Apr 2012Pare, hows the ics experience for you so far?I have 2problems 1st the battery drains faster i look into battery and the "android os" has increase from 4%(GB) to 28%(ics) 2nd some of my games especially temple run is not working well after the update. Thats it . So far so good

  • rap

nico, 27 Apr 2012Finally i got the ics . I hope that everything will be fine... morePare, hows the ics experience for you so far?

  • nico

Finally i got the ics . I hope that everything will be fine . And i also hope that i made the right decision

From Philippines

I have updated Xperia Neo V, the update start rolling in India yesterday only. The UI is refreshing, although cannot say I liked it or hate it. Few points I'd like to mention here:
1. First, there is a warning on sony's page to upgrade it on your own risk. Read it and then decide to upgrade. You can find it on sony blogs.
2. Few new introductions, and few omissions.
-Camera quality has not improved, ICS feature which has live effects is not there.
- Camera UI is not very great, infact, older one was better.
- There is no macro mode in the focus menu. I cant find macro mode anywhere, which is strange.
- Video recording is a bit better, with better auto focus.
- There is no screen capture button when you long press the power button.
- Setting button in the drop down menu, which is good, allows you to switch data source (wifi, 3G). You dont have to go to main menu or home page.
- telephony is better, quick dials are there.
-Slide lock sucks. (Few days ago, apple patented this, I pray God they sue other manufacturers for the usage.)
- One very important thing, UI is not slow, however feels a bit slow if compared to gingerbread, as the way they have configured the kinetic scrolling, it is not kinetic enough, it kinda stalls somewhat and hence fees slow. There is a noticeable lag in few applications though(contact for example) which was not there in GB.
- Black theme all around.Still trying to like it.
- It still feel like the job is not done yet, looks like beta version and with a few hiccups.
- ICS is not supported by all the applications, so you are gonna loose some applications.
- No change in music app, hoping for manual equalizer, sadly, which is not a part of the package.
- Gmail application is very nice, has colors matched up with desktop app.

And that is it for now, next update after a few days of usage.

  • nico

rap, 25 Apr 2012Updated my arc s last monday kabayan, new features and look... moreawww is that so? now it bothers me . im not sure about this but i heard that it can be downgrade if you go to service center

  • karthikvinayak

Just updated my phone Xperia Ray to ICS in India.. Im happy to report that im not experiencing any lag whatsoever .. Thank you Sony !!! Awesome UI !!!

  • rap

nico, 25 Apr 2012is there somene here who had update from philippines?Updated my arc s last monday kabayan, new features and look are nice but its laggy now compared to 2.3.4, how I wish there's an option to downgrade to gingerbread..

  • Nick

Is USB charging disabled in ICS? i am unable to charge my xperia arc s via usb

  • nico

is there somene here who had update from philippines?

  • rap

Sasha, 24 Apr 2012Hi there guys, Nico what's your complete fb name spelled ba... morehi sasha, what's your email? :)

  • vijai

cannot update my xperia from india...wen its preparing for update there is some interruption and hence the update fails...sum1 pls help me out,,