LG promises it can fix the mobile division by 2021

09 January 2020
The mobile branch will will steadily release new phones, attached with “wow factors to woo consumers”.

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  • Prabath Uthira

Gary, 12 Jan 2020What happened to their "phone update center"? Hibernation mode 😁😁😁

  • User

LG should update android OS 10 in v30+ thinq (h930ds). thankyou.

  • Anonymous

Gary, 12 Jan 2020What happened to their "phone update center"? Exactly

  • Gary

What happened to their "phone update center"?

  • Anonymous

Some plan, release more product when you canÂ’t/wonÂ’t support their existing models. They couldnÂ’t even update the G7 (android) One in a timely manner.

New year, new lip service, same old death spiral.

  • s-pen pusher

competitive pricing- that's all there is to revive these dying smartphone brands like sony, htc, and lg. don't wait 'til it's too late, like blackberry. gimmicks are fine- if you strike luck with it, you may even find success with it like samsung with the note line. being a "me too" is not bad, just pair it with good pricing. trim the skin down and make it closer to stock like everyone else is doing. woo customers back by addressing pricing- their woes.

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2020Simple 3 fixes: 1. Stop it with your regional bullshit, rele... moreright to the point

I would like to add something.

4. Try to understand the market so price your device accordingly.

4.1. make at least a smaller flagship phone that mass people are waiting for but no one is releasing. be it a mm or two thicker but let it have good battery life.

4.2. make a top of the line mid ranger for example with OLED display, best mid range processor and great battery life but reasonable price so the LG brand name flows.

Dunno what LG means with WOW Factor but if they keep apple prices it will be surely wow for the customers but not WoW for the sales.

  • fapple.inc

lol suddenly everyone is a business expert.

You wont get anywhere by being a me-too brand, not known for any unique selling point LG has lost its identity. Someone tell me what comes to mind when you hear "LG"? Nothing.

Scrap the entire phone dept and rebuild with one goal in mind, be it the best camera or best value or best UI or best AndroidOne Device etc. and market that selling point proudly instead of being mediocre in every aspect while charging a premium

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2020Simple 3 fixes: 1. Stop it with your regional bullshit, rele... more4. Improve camera performance. Bigger sensors and better processing.

5. Either go Android One, or make a proper UI. LG's current software is nothing to be happy about. Going Android One would make for easier updates.

6. Start innovating properly again.Their most modern phones still have the Essential Phone notch, plus some top bezel and a massive bottom bezel.

They do deserve some thumbs up for not introducing those pointless edge/infinity/waterfall displays and also it seems that the new G8-series (both G8S and G8X) actually has a RGB type of matrix on their OLED panels. Now that is fantastic! I know they once relied on pentile in their P-OLED, but I'm very happy to see that it is over.

  • Senti

After our G3 and G4 died prematurely and before that had problems with screens I don't trust LG ever again. No other brand left me so dissapointed. More so because those were super great phones for me for their time but Low Guality...

  • Anonymous

Simple 3 fixes:

1. Stop it with your regional bullshit, release the same damn device for all markets.

2. Begin actually market your phones again, and don't mark the gimmicky stuff like Air Motion (you could have focused on secure face unlock instsead)

3. Better and faster updates (They've improved a bit recently, at least when it comes to major updates, monthly security is still slow)

How? I got my Android 9 update for G7+, while others were getting Android 10.

  • Anonymous

LG should stick to making fridge and tv.

Mobile is no place for them. Their mobile fanboys are so tired of defending LG. Expectation drops to very low standard.. Each of their mobile have its dealbreakers.

Maybe that's how LG will wow people. Expectation is soo low, anything will "wow".

LG can make a come back this year by using Android One (very few trust their software support), have a camera that is capable enough (and can be made better with GCam), keep the DAC and headphone jack, remove the gimmicks (I don't know who lies to these businesses that gimmicks sell), and market aggressively.

This should be done in the midrange segment where most people are likely to notice. They should mostly compete with Xiaomi rather than Samsung, hence, NO PREMIUM PRICE.

Otherwise, they will keep lying to themselves until they can no longer bleed money. They should drop their ego that they are still flagship.

  • Anonymous

They have made so many promises in the past to wow consumers. Where are they now? Just shut the division down, please.

And I am sure many people wont care about "wow factors that will woo customers"

Put the best cameras available, reduce price to no more than $600 or less is better, do a hell lot of narketing, give aways, freebies and stop with crappy experiments people want a solid phone with solid built camera and battery not some experimental device with woo factors and stick with a constant naming with no major region specific features (dual camera in one region and triple in others) and go crazy with phone releases and aggressive pricing non of your mid range with SD730G should cost more than $350 and make a premium mid range line with flagship features and mid ramge top of the line SoC or older flagship SoC (I'm sure they will have tons of those parts lying around) and price it $400 and I am sure you might not make big profit but atleast gain decent amount maybe still in loss but will be lower

If there is one thing LG need to fix, that would be advertising. Just relying on YouTube wouldn't do, not all people ever heard of LG smartphones before. I have a friend who is a long-time Samsung user, and his mind was completely blown when he saw me using a G8X with DualScreen accessory.

  • Kek

The first thing they need to do is fix their old and horrible midrange devices. V and G series are ok as of right now. But Q and K are a mess, with bad cameras, specs and all. The only positive point might be their MIL standard, but aside from that.