LG promises it can fix the mobile division by 2021

09 January 2020
The mobile branch will will steadily release new phones, attached with “wow factors to woo consumers”.

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And I am sure many people wont care about "wow factors that will woo customers"

Put the best cameras available, reduce price to no more than $600 or less is better, do a hell lot of narketing, give aways, freebies and stop with crappy experiments people want a solid phone with solid built camera and battery not some experimental device with woo factors and stick with a constant naming with no major region specific features (dual camera in one region and triple in others) and go crazy with phone releases and aggressive pricing non of your mid range with SD730G should cost more than $350 and make a premium mid range line with flagship features and mid ramge top of the line SoC or older flagship SoC (I'm sure they will have tons of those parts lying around) and price it $400 and I am sure you might not make big profit but atleast gain decent amount maybe still in loss but will be lower

If there is one thing LG need to fix, that would be advertising. Just relying on YouTube wouldn't do, not all people ever heard of LG smartphones before. I have a friend who is a long-time Samsung user, and his mind was completely blown when he saw me using a G8X with DualScreen accessory.

  • Kek

The first thing they need to do is fix their old and horrible midrange devices. V and G series are ok as of right now. But Q and K are a mess, with bad cameras, specs and all. The only positive point might be their MIL standard, but aside from that.

  • Jimbob

LG you needa sort out your thin Q naming.. nobody likes it.

  • verteran

Make a simple, good quality and competitive priced phone, like Xiaomi.
Most of people do not like to spend too much on some of the gimmick feature.

Look at phones with dual screen, curved front screen, and 360 degree attached camera.

  • I'mPhone

LG should just stick to their household electronics (fridge, TV, etc.) sector instead. It's just too late for LG to make a move. It's not even selling at all in South Asia where the demand for such phones may be potentially strong (and it has a huge population). Sorry Lose aGain

  • S13

hopefully they are able to do this because it will give us more good choices.

they just cant seem to get everything together in one. their audio is great, they had a head start on wide angle cams and were among the first to put hte power button on the back.

their take on foldables also seems to be more practical

  • Anonymous

Hahaha, yeah? They better ThinQ again!!

  • Anonymous

NeonHD, 09 Jan 2020As long as you keep the headphone jack you're doing God's w... moreThis. Honestly I don't care about the camera, got a nice Fujifilm for that. Build, screen, and audio quality is what matters to me. And LG has been consistently killing it there. Great devices.

As long as you keep the headphone jack you're doing God's work LG!

LG is good but its camera is cancer in old phone i try it has bad focus, and UI is good but not feature full enough, btw it still good, i mean it's fast and simple, but not beautiful, after Android 7.0 they make it more beautiful, some of their phones sell well like G2,G3,G4,K10 and ... They should fix their camera, it has low score even for flagships btw G4 has good camera with good dynamic range, it can be popular again if offers affordable phones.

  • Anonymous

Make a phone i like for price i want and i will by again lg phone not samsung or nokia.

Match Huawei on camera performance. Make faster updates. And buyers and demand will fix you automatically. You have the charm. And tech. And all. Just 2 simple steps!

LG phones are so good, I love my G8. Keep up the good work LG.

  • Roza

For me wow factors are not needed. For me to buy a LG phone it needs to have software support and for all software apps/functions to work consistently, for example: notifications need to appear on screen the instant they happen and not only when i unlock the phone or access the app. When this happens, I’ll buy an LG phone.

LG should start with a huge market survey of all customers of the last 5 years, as well as prospective customers and figure out what they need, and give them a lot more.

LG gets so many things right and yet, many things wrong. They had one of the first modular phones, wide angle, limitless recording, so many recording controls, superb audio DAC etc. But then their update shave always been disappointing, their design aren't really there, their screens could be better, they should have bought an sensor imaging division like Toshiba's, they need to design their own SoCs (not necessarily make their own), work with hardware suppliers to better customisation of hardware, work on innovations in phoyography and videography etc.

LG just needs new members in its team that provide it a vision, that it somehow lacks, in putting together a truly complete package.

  • balthazar

Ayan Crownyse, 09 Jan 2020It's all good and dandy~ but in order to REALLY impress the... moreWhy should they make flashing easier? 95% of their customers or most customers in general don't care about such things. Besides that unlocking is pretty easy with their unlock tool anyway.

They need to focus on their strengths like audio and camera. And maybe release features for every region and not just limiting it to certain areas. They also need to improve updating their phones more frequently and polishing their skin.

  • AnonD-784107

Whackcar, 09 Jan 2020Good, that's exactly what they need to do. The reason why L... moreI had the G2 it was a amazing phone. Fast good camera. Amazing design. Bit like Samsung shot ahead. I think they will bounce back. But it may take time.

  • AnonD-784107

LG as a company are amazing the best OLED tv's. There audio tech is second to none. But sadly lag behind in the mobile division. If they could knock a S10 equivalent they will be back on track.