Face Unlock is malfunctioning for some Pixel 4 users after latest OTA

10 January 2020
A small amount of users are reporting a “Can’t verify face” message. The hardware appears to be malfunctioning.

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  • 17 Jan 2020

Even if Google are bad at it, secure Facial Recognition using more than just one (or two extremely close) camera is the way to go for Android smartphones, IR (and if they could bring UV too as UV also reveal some unique details), camera (if possible two for a dual 3D check) and dot projectors is what we need, sadly the notch and punch hole make it impossible...
But removing the fingerprint scanner is STUPID, mainly with the upcoming Snapdragon 865 which will allow dual finger authentication, this is a really bad trend to launch...I hope most will keep underdisplay fingerprint scanner and give use a large area of scanning rather than stupidly remove it !

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    • 10 Jan 2020

    Expected watching their history in software and hardware fails. Another day another bug. With them you not only buy an overpriced hardware plus you also need to have luck to get an usable phone and not a faulty one.

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      • 10 Jan 2020

      Misfit2Fields, 10 Jan 2020Hell naw, I would be so mad if the phone that does not incl... moreThat's why I'm sticking with pixel 3. Its a fantastic phone and really great experience. Compact, lasting stylish and smooth as butter.tI love having finger print sensor. The pixel 4 looks stunning!! In real life though.

        This is not really an issue, users just need to rely on the fingerprint scanner until the bug is fixed. Jeez people are overreacting to such a small thing, aren't..

        OH WAIT.

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          • 10 Jan 2020

          Jimbob, 10 Jan 2020The camera is not enough to save this messNah even the cam has a purple tint :v
          iPhone 11 or OnePlus 7T is better and cheaper

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            • 10 Jan 2020

            The camera is not enough to save this mess

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              • 10 Jan 2020

              Many criticisms of people who may not have laid hands on a pixel lol

                Maybe it's for their own security.

                Google does know better. /s

                  It's a Pixel, what do you expect, everything that can malfunction will malfunction and more. You must either be an idiot or just enjoy being a beta tester. Soon, Google will probably discontinue the Pixel all of a sudden.

                    Hell naw, I would be so mad if the phone that does not include a fingerprint sensor, has a malfunctioning face unlock. The disrespect.

                      Pixel broken as always.apk