More leaks of Samsung Galaxy S20+: 120Hz display, in-display scanner, 4,500 mAh battery, and no headphone jack

15 January 2020
XDA’s own leaker offers even more secrets about the upcoming Galaxy S20+

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  • 29 Jan 2020

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2020How much time you used those $1 adapters then you advise to... morelol, they work perfectly fine on my Mi 9 SE

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    • Anonymous
    • nXp
    • 28 Jan 2020

    B0B, 20 Jan 2020-You normally don't lose them if you keep them on your head... moreHow much time you used those $1 adapters then you advise to buy it?
    None of them working with ShameSong and Appel.

    They only work on chinese phones.
    So, tell us which company you working for?

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      • Anonymous
      • nXp
      • 28 Jan 2020

      Marko, 28 Jan 2020@C3PO You don't have to use wireless buds if you don't lik... moreYou are so smart, even above of Einstein's level...
      But you forget somethings...
      1- Why do I need to buy f*** adapter?
      2- Those on Aliexpress doesnt work on galaxy phones, you must pay to ShameSong thief at least 20 euro to get an original one.
      3- If you need charge your phone while listening music, you hear noise...

      ShameSong, Apple and all other companies ARE THIEF.
      By each model they say this is beast, amazing, super, hyper...
      Until next model comes and they forget previous one...
      Same s--t but different outfit.

      They want to steal your money...
      They say, we have removed 3.5mm because it is too old (Extremely shameless lie!) and also we gain space for battery (This lie beyond everything)

      There is only one reason!
      Only one reason!
      To steal your money, to make your pocket empty...
      This is a cheap trick, do not be trapped.
      Wake up!!!

      Do not listen these people who is saying "Buy an adapter if you need, it is too old tech, use bluetooth)
      Because, these people most probably works for that companies or very ignorant.

      Dont be fool, wake up!
      ShameSung is thief, Appel is thief, they all want your money!

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        • Marko
        • Rsr
        • 28 Jan 2020

        @C3PO You don't have to use wireless buds if you don't like it. Just need to buy small adapter allowing connection USB C + 3.5mm Jack. (or even buy more advanced one with allowing charging and jack 3.5mm at the same time) Those cost 5 USD on Aliexpress

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          • C3PO
          • sp4
          • 27 Jan 2020

          No headphone jack again...
          So we have no choice, we are all forced to look ridiculous with some "wireless earbuds" that make us look like we have plastic corks or tampons in our ears.
          Even more, we are forced to consume more battery to push inferior bluetooth sound and irradiate our bodys and our skulls with more radio signals. This have to be the new "healty body and planet saving" samsung thinking.
          I can only hope my superior and way better connected Note 4, witch I still use, will last till ill die....

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            • kM1
            • 22 Jan 2020

            Anonymous, 20 Jan 2020F**k streaming services. Don't want to rely on Internet for... moreDude you can still download music.

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              • dNg
              • 20 Jan 2020

              Taz, 15 Jan 2020Yeah adapters. A nother thing that you need to buy, can mal... more-You normally don't lose them if you keep them on your headphones.

              -There are adapters with USB-C and 3.5mm out so you can charge and listen at the same time.

              -They only cost like 1$.

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                • Anonymous
                • Kxr
                • 20 Jan 2020

                Anonymous, 19 Jan 2020That depends on the BT protocol transmitted! If it is tra... moreF**k streaming services. Don't want to rely on Internet for my music.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • iKL
                  • 19 Jan 2020

                  Anonymous, 16 Jan 2020I'm afraid that's not true. If you want proof take the any ... moreThat depends on the BT protocol transmitted!
                  If it is transmitted and received in High quality - then the difference isnt noticed... and again depends on the Streaming service you are using

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                    • daine
                    • kr2
                    • 18 Jan 2020

                    emmanuelGodwin, 18 Jan 2020Why is everyone all going crazy about the missing headphone... moreyes leave Samsung alone. and start with apple

                      Why is everyone all going crazy about the missing headphone jack.. I mean Apple has been doing this for ages and no one has sued them to cut? Why Samsung this time?

                        99% of the comments are about removal of headphone jack which makes it as the most useful and important thing in an phone and still samsung didn't considered it. I think this will make direct impact on the sales of S20.

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                          • GimmeYourMoney
                          • J2t
                          • 18 Jan 2020

                          So many people make idiotic comments about headphones.

                          For now all protocols for wireless protocols force compression, this by definition removes quality from the sound stream.
                          This is why audiophiles are obsessed about flac.
                          Most bluetooth headphones suck in terms of sound, I've tried quite a few.

                          But the DAC on samsung phones never was really good enough to push high quality phones with fidelity.

                          In any case, not having to charge a sub par POS in order to listen to music sounds like a trivial requirement to me.

                          Since phones are no longer trying to be thinner and smaller, the only reason not to have a headphone jack is just to try and sell more merchandise (hint hint,nudge nudge Apple, Samsung).

                          The fact that humans are so stupid today to think this benefits them in some way is just more proof of where our species is headed.

                          You can not care, and you can be an asshole but this was not done for you. It was done for more money.

                          So just give them your money.

                          I for one will try to make my life easier with a brand that gives a shit about sound and their customer base.

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                            • Robert EO Speedwagon
                            • d$U
                            • 18 Jan 2020

                            Anonymous, 16 Jan 2020I'm afraid that's not true. If you want proof take the any ... moreAudio quality via USB-C audio passthrough is literally identical to the one from 3.5mm jack if you bothered to read how it works apart from needing a passive adapter.

                            So no, removing 3.5mm by OEMs is not to sell overpriced BT headphones that they're not even producing. Use your head for a moment. It's done for saving space and 3.5mm uses a lot that instead could house a better vibration motor, ever notice that budget phones have both 3.5mm and bad motors? Here's one of the reasons why.

                            The only one you can accuse it of is Apple who pushes AirPods hard and introduced them just two months after removing 3.5mm from iPhone 7 and not bothering to even put a DAC in it.

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                              • TimApple
                              • SXy
                              • 18 Jan 2020

                              Anonymous, 16 Jan 2020I'm afraid that's not true. If you want proof take the any ... moreBT connection while not lossless is good enough that the difference due to the compression is virtually inaudible.

                              The only you thing you confirmed is that the DAC on the device you tested this on was better than the one built in the headphones. Depending on the headphones and the device that is not always the case.

                              Flagship Snapdragon SoCs have a pretty great DAC and it can be wired to the USB-C meaning you still get the full benefit of the classic headphone jack and analogue output just with a different connector. Almost every OEM does that except Google on Pixels for whatever reason and some small manufacturers.

                                am Samsung fanboy and will continue to support. the Samsung Galaxy S20+ is for me, can't wait

                                  LOL, 16 Jan 2020Stop whining about the headphone jack already. You can get ... morewell said 100% agree

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                                    • Kxr
                                    • 17 Jan 2020

                                    Magic, 16 Jan 2020Yeah wired is better cause internetz said so! :) It's no... moreNo need for Internet. You can go in any store and test it out yourself.
                                    Wired is simply better than wireless. Even 500 dollar wireless earphones or earbuds or headphones pale in comparison to any 100 dollar wired cans.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • n5h
                                      • 16 Jan 2020

                                      Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020Fixed my earlier comment. This is actually very inaccurat... moreI'm afraid that's not true. If you want proof take the any of the latest of the range of top of the range Bose headphones that are anything but cheap and are widely regarded as some of the best BT models you can get. They also come with a wire to connect to phones with jack sockets. A friend of mine who spent £299 on a pair compared BT sound quality with wired on exactly the same headphones and openly admitted BT sounded inferior. So for £299 BT headphones you can look forward to inferior sound qulaity at an inflated price premium. Getting rid of the 3.5mm is all about profit on over priced inferior BT ones that many people would otherwise avoid.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • LH0
                                        • 16 Jan 2020

                                        No audio Jack, no thanks Samsung.