New Huawei P40 renders show a triple rear and dual front cameras

15 January 2020
The new image is much more detailed than the dark renders we saw in December.

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  • Anonymous

The Last Oracle, 15 Jan 2020Those fake P40 Pro renders were pretty impressive. This loo... moreBigger sensors do not need that much aperture to grab same amount of light.
For example 1/1.7" + f2.0 = 1/2.6" + f1.6.
It also considers the FL to choose the most apropriated f.

You cant just keep making it wider and wider.
Electronic shutter has its limits.

Bigger aperture = more out of focus parts of the scene (on the edges).

The 3rd camera is unlikely to be a tof. Especially given the size/shape of it. It'll be a telephoto, like on the P30. Shame they've decided to go for a huge cut out though. Personally I think they're worse than a waterdrop notch or even a slightly wider one like LG or the P20.

  • Wan

No back quad camera?? Are you serius huawei? So samsung s 20 is better

Those fake P40 Pro renders were pretty impressive. This looks rather disappointing in comparison.

The lens is f1.9-2.4 apparently. Not too bright at its widest.

I wonder if smartphones will more to brighter lenses than the f1.5. Also the zoom is about 4.7x

Davy Jones, 15 Jan 20202020-Year of ugliest looking phones:(S20 is no better...

  • Anonymous

No matter how good the camera is, it is still wobbling. Prone to scratch and then broken on your pocket.

2020-Year of ugliest looking phones:(

It looks a bit better here than it appeared on the previous renders. That dual-tone finih on the camera layout gives it distinction from others. Still, it seems like 2020 will be the year of bland designs all around...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020Too bad Huawei thinks it needs to implement the moto-bump (... moreIf they make phone thicker to cover cam bump, then people will say " why not a 6000mAh if the phone is that thick?".

  • Anonymous

Too bad Huawei thinks it needs to implement the moto-bump (I call it that, moto used a way too big cam bump on all phones after the moto z in 2016 - so called "piggy nose"). Yes, it was huawei who put the bump moto "invented" to a good use in the mate 20 lineup, which made them the first company to implement the "stove-cam". Still It ruins the totally flawless design implemented in the p30 and p30 pro.