Sony to announce new Xperia smartphones on February 24

15 January 2020
We expect more than one Xperia phone to be announced during this year's MWC in Barcelona.

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  • Anonymous

Too many flagships, 15 Jan 2020It's impressive Sony went a whole year without releasing an... moreOnly midsized had 6 months cycle.

Xiaomi had redmi 7 and 8 in 2019. None bashes.
Oppo with reno, reno2 and reno3 in 2019. None bashes.
OP with 7 and 7T, none bashes.
Huawei with nova 4, nova5 and nova 6 in 2019. None bashes.

  • AnonD-833125

Big yawn.

  • Too many flagships

It's impressive Sony went a whole year without releasing another flagship. They always release 2 flagships a year

  • oPaGanDasTyle

Berserker, 15 Jan 2020If the specks are correct than i think sony is on the right... moresure, we have 18;9 phones, and then it wont make sense...even more this 21:9 sht!

well, sony keep giving us borders and bezels...if not just think:

21:9 screen on youtube playing 16:9 videos, just imagine the size, will be wider than 18:9 screens!

it doesnt make sense, sony remove phisical bezels and so on but offers you a less experience with the 21:9 display. from bad to worse.

justs top it, we dont want 21:9, keep the 18:9 at least or return to 16:9 to be perfect.

  • Anonymous

One device has SD665.
Source code reveals it.

If the specks are correct than i think sony is on the right path.
So far the best 21:9 ratio phone, slimmer bezzels, big battery, only the camera quality concerns me.

  • Xperian

Shorter 16:9 5g version of xperia 5 please. Not plus..

  • Anonymous

I do not know if that leaked phone is 1.1 or 3 (Japan only).
All I have heard it has Qi, jack and even more focus on Cinema Pro.

Rumors of more than 4000 mAh

  • Anonymous

AnonD-789897, 15 Jan 2020What about re-entering the other markets??I dont think it will happen unless sales increase by a huge margin.
Something like +50% per year.

  • AnonD-789897

What about re-entering the other markets??