Sony to announce new Xperia smartphones on February 24

15 January 2020
We expect more than one Xperia phone to be announced during this year's MWC in Barcelona.

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klon, 17 Feb 2020love that "trashmetal" song :)Im starting to like sony again with xperia 1 mark 2.

  • Sony fan

Still using Xperia X and Z2... Still working fantastic. 20 Feb 2020

  • klon

SuuperBaka, 15 Jan 2020I still got my xz1Still happy owner of XZ1 Dual, too. Some of Xperia phones had some issues ( old Z3 Dual), but XZ1 nothing - everything runs well nicely :)

  • klon

WAPC1, 15 Jan 2020Meh. Sony's are just another over-priced and under performi... moreYes, it is. I know it. However, they always released something that I liked more than the other ones for some reason :)

  • klon

ja, 15 Jan 2020I'm glad that Sony is bringing back the headphone jack. Son... moreYou probably compare just old-age of Sony Ericsson, when smartphones did not exist, right? Their phones had often full-specs - I mean included Bluetooth, quality sound system, quality camera even with macro, flash diode and they had many hardware keys (for volume, camera, etc.) and software keys, allowing to use every feature quickly and with ease.
After smartphones started, suddenly all phones had everything (bluetooth, wifi, GPS, gyroscope, flash and whatever), so there was almost no difference from this point of view.
Still, Sony had something more to it with its own software solutions, its decent design, etc. Sometimes something did not work well, but overall they always offered some phone that attracted me so much that I bought it.
Now I will see, Android of my XZ1 Dual will become outdated.
Last Xperia phones I did not like for some reason (XZ3, nor Xperia 1 or 5) - all of them miss something to me. Maybe Xperia 2 (or 1.1 or whatever new introduced) will be gamechanger for me. If not, it can easily happen, that this time I will go for cheaper brand with better specs.

  • klon

Excalibur, 15 Jan 2020Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Bat... morelove that "trashmetal" song :)

  • klon

Rameyuk, 16 Jan 2020I would replace my aging XZ1 for Sony's new flagship only i... moreGood points :)
BTW - I still use XZ1 Dual, as well. It's a great phone. In fact, I would keep it, if it gets new Android, but it doesn't. So I will wait for the market, what it brings. My new phone doesn't even need to be a flagship, if it suits my needs well again...

  • klon

AnonD-844557, 17 Jan 2020More like a loser company cause their mobile division + fil... moreHow funny your English you use translator?
It was just pre-order, right? It probably takes some time to get it for the pre-order, dude.
You really cancelled, even if you finally got the phone of your dreams? Probably after its selling started, it became cheaper, right?

  • LOL

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2020Do sony have any idea to sell mobile in India in 2020. I am... moreI think Sony has decided to stop selling Xperia phones in India.

Look at the map.

  • Anonymous

Do sony have any idea to sell mobile in India in 2020. I am waiting to upgrade my xperia mobile.. Love xperia phones.

5 inch full screen compact phone please Sony

  • xenon2

Rameyuk, 16 Jan 2020I would replace my aging XZ1 for Sony's new flagship only i... moreActually.... im using sony MDR-EX1000 wired. I hate BT wireless - another part to charge. My earphones are still good after 8 yrs of usage I wonder what will happen with your wireless in 2yrs :D

TheGoldenMellifluous, 18 Jan 2020Well, then explain why Xperia 5 pictures are far better tha... moreProbably he doesn't know a feature called "software update" exist. Or probably kust a liar. I use xperia 1 and at the beginning, the camera was just... Decent. But after some updates, it gets better and better. But still, the auto mode is still less superior than huawei, iPhone, or samsung.

Davy Jones, 16 Jan 2020Battery size in specific because the battery optimisation o... moreEven with best optimization, low capacity would still be unsatisfactory. Why wont they just ditch the whole slimness and just put 6000 mah just like rog phone 2 and do their optimization... Rog phone 2 is what sony would have created....

Trump Fan 1980, 15 Jan 2020 Read that standby battery life was good on Sony's handsets...Good but it can be best.

  • RkSonyfan93

Sony please release Xperia 0 and call it the Xperia Infinity in the spring don't wait for i phone 12 at IFA 2020 competition will be tough once the i sheep do their annual upgrade.

  • Raje

I eagerly waiting for Sony Xperia Mobile phone in India. I got the news that January 2020 will be launched in India. Please release the mobile in India.

Pitchwisse, 16 Jan 2020I had the Xperia 5 and got rid of it after a month. I've ne... moreWell, then explain why Xperia 5 pictures are far better than the XZ3's one in just a year, especially in low-light?

AnonD-844557, 17 Jan 2020More like a loser company cause their mobile division + fil... moreFar from being a losing company. Like you said PlayStation and TV but lets not forget about the fact they own Spiderman and their smartphone camera sensors are selling very well the demand is too high for them to keep up.

  • Anonymous

I would love to own one but they stop selling here in india..