Sony to announce new Xperia smartphones on February 24

15 January 2020
We expect more than one Xperia phone to be announced during this year's MWC in Barcelona.

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AnonD-844557, 17 Jan 2020More like a loser company cause their mobile division + fil... moreLol ur actually a clown. Loser company? The reason they don't do well on phones is because they limit themselves, until recently.

  • AnonD-844557

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020They can't follow Xiaomi, Realme or Huawei cause Sony is no... moreMore like a loser company cause their mobile division + film division is losing money continuously. only profitable is tv and playstation

  • M

Phones are good. Customer service is rubbish. No help at all .worse than useless. Ordered phone at start of November, 2 weeks later still not delivered so called Customer Services, couldn't tell me anything. Phoned every day for a week still no info. Cancelled order on 26th Nov only for it to be delivered the following week 6th Dec. Phoned for them to collect for refund. Took them about 4 weeks to collect 31st Dec after 10 phones calls and 3 weeks later still waiting refund. Why would you bother

  • zzzz

i have an xperia 5 and no complaints about it.
easy to handle and superior battery life and such a premium looking device
cant wait to get the new xperia model

i hope the sony will make the update with market price

  • Tough Phones

Sony xperia aren't best seller but they try to push the boundaries of smartphone tech and longevity..
i parked my xperia xzs for a Galaxy S9 after 18 months the Samsung battery life is no longer superior and with one tiny fall within a case screen cracked in which the abuse my xperia got its unbelievable and still functions as i have sorted back to it.. looking forward for a newer version xperia to upgrade to

  • pan

Rameyuk, 16 Jan 2020I would replace my aging XZ1 for Sony's new flagship only i... morenice... i also want those upgrades...
btw, still enjoying my z5p...
jumping to the next flagship might be something like waking up to the next decade...

  • Anonymous

The called 5+ is not successor of 5, but 1.
So name will be different.
It belongs to Premium line.

  • Anonymous

Rameyuk, 16 Jan 2020I would replace my aging XZ1 for Sony's new flagship only i... moreYou will have to buy on ebay.
I think only Taiwan and HK get dual sim.

  • Rameyuk

MrGrumpy, 15 Jan 2020Absolutely zero interest in anything Sony has to say unless... moreI would replace my aging XZ1 for Sony's new flagship only if they have these two things:
- 5G Modem.
- Dual Sim.

Otherwise, I'll stick with my XZ1 for another year until they do.

In terms of battery capacity.. I don't really care.. They can stick in 100 mAh in it for all I care as long as they optimise to keep the power going for a full day (or more). There's no point in having 4000+ mAh if the optimisation suck. Numbers aren't everything.

For 3.5mm Headphone jack, is people seriously still using them? We're at the era where wireless headphones sound just as good as wired ones. If your argument is "I have an audiophile headphones and as audio purists, Wired is the way to go" is stupid.. Because if you are a true audiophile, you would listed your wired audiophile headphones from either a Sony Walkman or Astell & Kern player.

I've moved to use Sony's WI-1000X wireless neckband ages ago, and looking back at when I used to listen using wired headphones, I laugh at myself. There's no way I'm going back to wired headphones, and if Sony keeps the jack out of the new flagship to make room for larger antenna for better coverage/bigger battery/less bezel/larger camera sensor. Keep it up. People need to seriously consider investing in a pair of decent wireless headphones. It keeps you clutter-free (gone are the days of tangling cords in your pockets) and give yourself the freedom to move around while listen to your music without fear of getting caught on the cables.

  • Johnny

Last chance Sony! Walkman Phone or Cybershot Phone or something completely bold different form factor or a HEADPHONE JACK. Otherwise I'm afraid I can no longer wait for you.

  • Pitchwisse

I had the Xperia 5 and got rid of it after a month. I've never had a camera that bad. Doubt the new phones would be any better.

Well we can be happily seeing entry level and Entry specs L4 Sony device for 400 bucks (Sarcasm)
A70 Samsung Comparable XA models but with 600 price and a 1200 or more euros for a Sony flagship phone with a remote controller like look and a tons of useless features which on a 6 inch screen wont make any difference compared to a regular phone.

  • Anonymous

Sony needs a XZ2 compact followup (otherwise I'm switching to the proposed iPhone SE2):
- Max. 5'' display with smaller bezels, resulting in device dimensions like XZ1 compact
- 16/9, maybe 18/9 but no weird 21/9 display ratio (whats the point anyway)
- Current chipset (don't care, if "high-end" or just "upper middle class")
- Include a headphone-jack
- At least three years of security updates

Come on sony, put at least 4000mAh battery on ur smartphone

  • Anonymous

I love Sony, but they really need to change their strategy.

Although it have been drastically improving since the Xperia 1, camera performance is always at least a year behind their competitors. From the biggest image sensor company for smartphones, this is just unacceptable.

Also, Sony always chooses to release their flagships three months after their main competitors. By the time its released, the phones are no longer relevant among phone enthusiasts.

Them choosing to adopt technology trends a year after their competitors certainly doesn't help either. They aren't Apple where polish means everything.

Really need to try harder to compete Sony. :(

Immediately theming my Mate 20 as the new Xperia theme lol.


  • Talib

Sonys biggest issue, is marketing.
They have taken the name Sony for granted and assumed the name alone shall sell.
So sales flopped. Coca-Cola one of the most recognisable brands in the world still has ads and does marketing.
The Japanese need to learn from other brands.
They have pulled out from a lot of regions.
Missing out on a lot of potential customers

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know if Sony is going to bring out a smartwatch to go with the new phone?

  • Anonymous

Davy Jones, 16 Jan 2020Battery size in specific because the battery optimisation o... moreI'd say that Google does it better. Just look at high-end Google Pixel 4 with miserable battery inside. Somehow it manages to work for a whole day.