Samsung Galaxy S III may not be a major update over the S II

17 April, 2012
A 4.7" screen, quad-core processor and eye-tracking technology may be all we get.

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  • AnonD-7494

Hard to believe but not impossible.
if this case turns out to be actual about SGS III then I can assure you all hype around Galaxy Series and Samsung's Smartphone business will devastated in less than 3 secs!

  • angry jeffrey

Lets just wait and see, s2 was and it is a brilliant phone even now. I wouldnt be surprised if it was quad core + lte support and different design. I really hope motorola will come up with something good as other companies are boring at the moment.

  • Anonymous

Sri, 17 Apr 2012I don't know why Samsung is releasing the same model mobiles to ... moreIt's bizarre but Samsung seems to be following Blackberry's design philosophy with each phone looking like the next.

  • ardicli2000

All expectations about S3 is reflected as "not a major update". There were not any other reasonable expectations about S3.

I think this is a bit provocative.

  • Anonymous

If these rumours and the accompanying photo is correct, the only thing I would look forward to is the minimisation (dare I say, complete removal) of Touchwiz and instead having something truer to vanilla ICS!!

  • ^_^

Samsung did not hold an event when they released the S plus, S advanced so it's definitely gonna be something big, I suppose. Screw rumors!

  • Anonymous

I think sony's xperia hayabusa expected to be announced on june (which is not a flagship phone) will be better than this one (if the rumors got it right).. so just need to wait anyways . . . And just a simple advice for samsung and for other phone manufacturers " your phones are really getting expensive .. phones now are priced like laptops, is that rightious ? i don't think so..

  • AnonD-9845

when people stay quiet, it can only mean two things..
1. they have something that's gonna blow everyone outta their feet.
2. they have nothing.

  • Sri

I don't know why Samsung is releasing the same model mobiles to the market.
All mobiles look alike but the internal features are different.
I hope Samsung will release different models at least in future....

  • Gilberto

as I suspected, so much delay and samsung just makes more of the same, or quad core cortex A9 GPU and a half mouth, feeble! And probably a display Pentille. That crap is not worth it the wait! even though it will be faster than the competition, anyway, I would not have a cortex A9 that in a few months will be outdated.

  • AnonD-445

from info that i have, S3 will have a brand new design

let's wait and see ;)

  • Anonymouse

Someone who knows about these things told me to ignore the CNET article. He said they are either making things up or someone just told them some BS to make them look like complete fools. The person who told me this has a very good track record, he's the only one who had the correct date for ICS roll out and also told me about the launch date for the next Galaxy device before anything was available to say it would be May 3rd.

  • Anonymous

seriously what were u expecting here? the design should be more or less the same with an exynos quad-core cpu, HD screen with the super amoled plus technique used in sII and keeping the thin design of 7-8 mm and maybe with 2000mAh battery, the ram would do ok with 1gb or maybe 2gb if they manage battery life better, also LTE maybe found in all variants or some of them,, that's sIII everybody!

  • Anonymous

I suspect that the previous supposedly leaked image in the invitation of the S 111 with a tapered base is more likely as the newest invitation is also using the same colour scheme of blue and white liquids. This time around the body might be of metal unibody and the front glass seamlessly integrated with rest of the body. That'll be quite a looker :)

  • This is just a rumor

Probably that next Galaxy device may not be named as Galaxy SIII...but it will be a revolutionary Device. I am damn sure...or else to copy a thing what HTC got...why it would have took so much time...They want to impress everyone...thats the reason they were silent during the MWC...path breaking phone will the next Galaxy phone!....

  • blowntoaster

what a bunch of suckers...more "rumours", more speculation. Samsung brought the goods with the S2, it's a sure bet they'll bring the goods with the new one and blow the competition out of the water. 720p screen and 4g, quad core, neat slim design etc etc. Samsung won't give up the throne so easily. Wait till 3'll see.

  • Kampsy

So what's with the delays. they are producing a phone with more power. its shit with a bugy OS

  • Milio

Srsly how ppl can believe this is SGS3? it's obviously that someone use note's screen on a SGS2...

  • AnonD-6211

AnonD-35482, 17 Apr 2012If SGS3 or LG's can only "copy" the specs of One X wit... moreBut One X camera is not even good.

  • Gundam-Zhen

Mini note ? that's really bad, but hardware matters more !