GSMArena Labs: Introducing our sunlight legibility test

17 April, 2012
A new component to our display test now measures how well your device battles screen glare.

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  • Bringitback

bring back this feature!

  • Anonymous

who can tell me the sunlight readable test enviroment? the brightness of illuminant and the test angle ? tks~

  • Anonymous

How many nits is the Luminance of the worst possible scenarios? Thank you.

  • AnonD-146090


Transflective displays give the best sunlight legibility, and the business-orientated Nokia 6021 is a classic in this regard, helped by the fact that its fonts are thick black and very legible to start with.

As this phone in particular is still very popular with business users like myself who have given up trying to discern washed-out smartphone displays outdoors, then until you come across a display that is better still, why don't you get a Nokia 6021 and use it as the datum against which to compare the others you test from now on?

Then there would be thousands of people like me who would take a real and lasting interest in your site, which incidentally I found in the first place after searching "best phones for sunlight legibility" on Google.


  • kh

I've used both Galaxy note and xperia ray. To be honest, the display of xperia ray is better under bright sunlight. So the contrast ratio is not always right to show sunlight legibility.

  • tagjags

I want a GOOD phone with a BLACK and WHITE screen,ok,connectable to an outer,large,screen,tv,etc.

Best visibility of all,lowest battery drain.

Stop the nonsense,dont make them ALL wasteful gas guzzlers,with those amp thirsty tiny color screens.
Make some B&W.
People are getting more practical nowadays.

  • peroni

GRV, 18 Apr 2012Galaxy S outsmarts iPhone 4s haahaaahahaaa ....poor Apple h... moreSomething is really wrong in this test, I just tested iphone 4 vs galaxy s and the iphone has a clearly better legibility outdoor in full sun.
Both with auto brightness and in full brightness.

  • komsa

don't miss the first ICS phone i9250 nexus,curious to see the results :)

  • Sanjay

Nokia 701 must be added to the test. It will beat all the pphones

  • Anonymous

E6 also has 1000 nits brightness(i read it in gsmarena's review) and there is no 710, no lumia 900 and no Galaxy SIII.
These guyz may rule this test..........

  • hrocker

AnonD-51040, 18 Apr 2012I have a Galaxy Sll and a Galaxy Note. In the dark both pho... moreYa buddy i saw that

  • Anion

Where is Lumia 900?

The Lumia 900 has "the lowest screen reflectance of any mobile device I have ever measured," Soneira told CNET. "4.4 percent, which is almost 40 percent lower than the iPhone 4."

  • vallentin

Nokia 701 have the brightest screen .... here is the proof
Nokia 701 have 1000 nits...i know that symbian is not getting much love lately but at least tell the truth.
So gsmarena research before write/type an article.

  • SMS

Add the LG Optimus Black P970.
With its ultra-bright Nova IPS screen it should be up there with the best.

  • ATJ

The Winner is XPERIA P with whitemagic screen

  • ab

please include xperia s too

  • AnonD-4254

GSMArena Staff:

I really appreciate this effort and yes, please make it a regular feature.

But be careful of how you measure them. Some phones may have brightness settings different from others...

For example, if N8's brightness is set to maximum and another set's brightness is set to medium or lesser, than the verdict may wrongly go in favor of N8... (just an example).

All the best guys. And Thanks for this useful feature.

  • AnonD-51040

I have a Galaxy Sll and a Galaxy Note. In the dark both phones when having a black image that covers everything the display shows deeper black dots and lines, does anyone else see that??

  • Anonymous

ummmm nokia 701 with the ClearBlack screen??? :/

  • AnonD-44597

y nokia 700 and 701 arent considered these are supposed to have brightest screens.........