DxOMark isn't too happy with the Asus ROG Phone II's camera performance

16 January 2020
It's not bad but it's not flagship-worthy, that's for sure.

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  • dalahmas

That's like testing a 4X4 monster truck on the road intensively just to say "it's not that smooth on the road".

  • Someone

So according to them, this phones camera system is on par with the sony xperia 5?

  • Stuart C

Doesn't matter, what DxoMark isn't too happy with ROG 2's camera? What is "isn't too happy?". DxoMark doesn't own Asus so they just perform testing on cameras, either big cameras or smartphone's. To test, review and comment on their results are what DxoMark should do, if it's no good just say no good. What's "isn't too happy"? If you own Asus then you can say isn't too happy, the fact is DxoMark does not own Asus, so if the camera does not perform as your tests, just say so, you have no right to say you're not happy with its camera.

GAMERMAN, 20 Jan 2020Certainly I do not have enough knowledge as you, but I am c... moreJust think about why does good lens for professional camera cost anywhere from 2000-5000£?
That's more than 3 I Phones 11 pro max ultra mega. Call it what you want. There is a reason why no professional uses his phone for taking shots.
I don't argue about recreational. The best camera is the one you have there and then.
But mobiles will never be better that pro cameras. Argument that mobiles are evolving is invalid because pro cameras are evolving as well.

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 21 Jan 2020Well its a phone not a camera. Buy Mark III instead by Ca... moreOh well it's a phone not a tv. Get a Samsung or Sony 4k tv instead. Or high refresh rate gaming monitor.
And it's just a phone not a computer. Might as well just stick with a gaming system or full gaming computer.
And it's just a phone. So who cares about the battery life or speakers that are chart topping. It's just a phone. Go buy a whole theatre system.
In fact there is no point for this or any smart phone. Or to compare how well they work at all..... Especially in 2020 where we are years passed many technological break throughs and they cost so much....

Well its a phone not a camera.
Buy Mark III instead by Cannon for camera photos.
Compaed to that even the 108 mpix cameras are odd and quint.

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2020Excuses, excuses, excuses. Asus Rog camera is crap at best.... moreI own the ROG2 and agree with the review. Its not the best camera at all. But TBH you dont buy a ROG2 for the camera..

  • Anonymous

DroidBoye, 20 Jan 2020You are too narrow-minded of a person to deal with in this ... moreYou're the one that came in talking the way you did. That's still a you problem.

  • DS9

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2020if 95 is supposed to be "bad" then why even make the scale ... more100 doesn't mean 100%. Their scaling system is not out of 100. Their is no scaling (x out of x).

HovadoLesni, 20 Jan 2020hmmm, I don't really want to be showing off here but just t... moreCertainly I do not have enough knowledge as you, but I am certain that I do know what I am doing just enough to understand the nuances of photography, having a creative eye in general for real life scenes, colour grading, healing pixelation and grain et al.

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2020As opposed to what? So if I'm factual I care to much? Sound... moreYou are too narrow-minded of a person to deal with in this conversation mate. I've already told you what I meant before and that is it, but you're always keeping the conversation veered to your own set of OPINIONS. You can have your own comment and that's fine, but giving anyone your own set of opinions for them to follow is just too arrogant.

For instance, my statement:
"Did I limit the scope of "user" in my statement to be only in this thread? You can find particular user that nagged about that issue on each and every article regarding DXOMark. Not just in this thread not even just in GSMArena." - I clearly said here the scope of the statement that you may not be able to properly grasp before.

Here's your direct reply:
"Yet the way specifically came here stating it in fact directly implies you were talking about this thread. Or that it's specifically happening in a bigger number currently here.
Neither of which are the case."

There's no consensus here for such rule. It seems as though you can't take a simple joke or the likes of it and it seems like you take everyone's opinion as your own fact to be countered with. LOL.

Actually, you are NOT FACTUAL at all, just pathetic.

GAMERMAN, 18 Jan 2020Wondering if you ever managed to see some of the newer vide... morehmmm, I don't really want to be showing off here but just to let you know I have an honorary degree in graphic design and photography but I see that you know what you are talking about so I off no point to continue in this conversation. You won

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2020Could you point to a case of somebody using that hack in th... moreSuch an existing vulnerability in a camera app means there are a lot more shady things going on behind GCam. You cannot comprehend it though, as your camera barely takes passable pictures due to GCam spyware, and you have chosen to become slave to yet another piece of spyware.

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2020Really? Because the P30 Lite takes quite mediocre photos. P... moreYou probably have less than zero idea (yes that might be a thing in your case) about P30 Lite's photos with a bit of touchup in Snapseed. They are easily better than just about any flagship, and I was quite surprised what Snapseed could do with all the data P30 Lite captures.

  • Anonymous

GAMERMAN, 17 Jan 2020I have a P30 Lite and I use Snapseed. Flagship phone owners... moreReally? Because the P30 Lite takes quite mediocre photos. Phone with decent Gcam support take much better pictures overall than the P30 Lite.

  • Anonymous

GAMERMAN, 17 Jan 2020You and similar people lack the understanding of how normal... moreCould you point to a case of somebody using that hack in the real world?
Anyway Google patched that vulnerability ages ago both in their camera app and Android itself so your argument is not valid.

not, any happy no matter what

Guys, I know enough so just accept these points as they are:-
1. DxoMark can be biased & unscientific in their tests, making their scores less practical for your use case. But they're not totally false in their reviews. Paid or not, is not something you can say, typing on a PC in Timbuktoo or Xanadu.

2. A Mobile phone is not able to match even a APS-C DSLR's quality overall, leave alone full frame. Even if its processing gives it a noiseless effect, the detail lost is the compromise, which is something even DSLR's RAW processing can do on PC.
Photography is not taking an awesome pic in bright sunlight, it goes way beyond it.
Mobile photography is right now being upheld by very good software capabilities, which can only do so much, not give them an edge over devices 10 times their size (volume).

3. ROG II isn't quite the leading mobile camera. Accept it.
But its very good, going by what gaming phones have offered so far, nobody can deny this.

4. ROG II's audio quality has unexpectedly made it the Audio Giant of this mobile world. Yes, that has happened, despite the fact that people don't consider audio performance a lot.
I wonder why don't people talk about this (?).

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Don't have Redmi but there are videos all over the Internet showcasing Redmi note 8 pro gcam beating stock OnePlus 7t.

HovadoLesni, 17 Jan 2020no wonder they are amateurs. Mobile will never be on the qu... moreWondering if you ever managed to see some of the newer videos comparing computational mobile photography with DSLRs. Mobile photography is quite there, and you seem to be off about how photography works. It just is not about the most clear photo when you zoom it to 20-30x, a photo has multiple parameters.