Huawei will bring a $150 5G phone by year's end or early 2021

21 January 2020
Huawei is working to make 5G phones more affordable.

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Realme and Xiaomi will beat them to it and do a better job at it as well.

  • Anonymous

Huawei is not the one who is lowering the price on the market, they are only very loud and 50% of it is not true....even more than 50%.
Xiaomi is the one who will bring that much earlier.... but.... lets see

I'm sitting here in canada, not knowing if 5g will come here soon.

Thank you Huawei, now Samsung, xiaomi, oppo etc will start planning towards it as well. Who says competition isn't good.... Losers? Apple

There is also dimensity 800 5g soc in 7nm technology. 150$ is probably for Chinese market, give us in Europe for 200€ and we will be happy.

  • Anonymous

5G's true potential can only be used if coupled with good hardware. In a 150 bucks phone hardware will be crap. There is no point in selling such a phone.