Upcoming Realme flagship smashes AnTuTu record

23 January 2020
The phone is named RMX2071, likely to be the Realme X50 Pro.

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  • Anonymous

Antutu is meaningless. Pixel 3a scores similar to S7, but its actual performance murders the S7.

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2020As it stands, we have the following chips with two-mode (NS... moreThanks for that update. I had a feeling that Mediatek are not stopping at 1000.

I fully agree. Most people need a phone at premium mainstream. And within that bandwidth. So for most people a 76G or a 1000 is more than enough. To play a few games here and there. And to do everything else on there phones. A higher chipset is not justified or warranted for someone who need social media. Music. A few games here and there. A bit camera, video capturing. A phone with those SoC's is more than capable.

For the person who may have spend a bit more time gaming. A flagship model. For the serious gamer.

Then one needs beyond a flagship. A gaming phone with cooling is vital. Especially for those gaming marathons.

  • Carol

Just when i tought the sythetic trend has finaly been sacked and humanity got a bit smarter....

  • Uuy

Hopefully no cancer notch

Wozack, 23 Jan 2020Why not expect realme to give out phones for free? Savage,lol. Btw, we can expect anything but not anything we expected can be granted,lol.

  • Anonymous

Shadocx, 23 Jan 2020Where are the Mediatek fan boys?Meditek 1000 is best. It is on top.

  • Anonymous

even if you have the latest and powerful phone
it will just taken place by the next gen phones,
so on and forth its just a cycle.
imo i'd rather have mid range phone as it can
run and work perfectly balanced and also
it can play games and app same as on the
high end phones (if not the same smoother
or higher than the flagship ones).

Strongly Hope it will have 2k 120 hz super amoled display with in display fingerprint scanner of course, hope not old IPS like x50 has :( ..+at least 5000mah battery with fast charging 50w and improved this time finally stabilized camera and of course remain perfectly stereo repro with dolby atmos from last x2 pro flagship model

MagicMonkeyBoy, 23 Jan 2020Android is true multitasking. And most apps are multicore. ... moreapp like chrome may be multicore but tech behind like javascript are not, same in games things like open gl are single core,

thats why flagship soc like sd855 or 865 have one big powerfull core

  • A correction

Exynos 980 (Antutu: 330000)
Exynos 990 (Antutu: unknown)

  • Anonymous

As it stands, we have the following chips with two-mode (NSA/SA) 5G option (integrated or with separate modem), available in the open market:
SD865 (Antutu: 560000-570000)
Dimencity 1000 (D1000) (Antutu: 510000)
D1000L (Antutu: ~400000)
D800 (Antutu: ~370000, 380000)
Exynos 990 (Antutu: 330000)
SD765G (Antutu: 320000)
They are all high performance chips for everyday use.

All dimencity chips have been taken for the 1st half of 2020. D1000 is entering the market in quantity now, D800 will be available in April. D1000L may be a one-off chip. (Oppo wants a chip with integrated 5G for Reno3 so that Reno3 doesn't outshine Reno3Pro (with SD765G) too much.) There are also rumored D700, D800+, D1000+ and D1100 in the pipeline. The time-line of these additional chips is partly determined by 7nm process capacity allocation from TSMC.

Trust it, it is fake, 23 Jan 2020Lol, no cheating, of course. They just put it into a freeze... moreIt's the Snapdragon 865, what did you expect?
We might see 600k score later this year, prepare yourself.

Blutbad-fuchsbau, 23 Jan 2020Antutu doesn't matter. Single core CPU matters as it has a ... moreAndroid is true multitasking. And most apps are multicore. Android uses multicore. Which is now more important than single core. Also multi-thread.

Android also uses a screen flinger between the GPU and the Screen.

Android is a better operating system than iOS due to the superior multicore and multi threaded utilisation.

  • Trust it, it is fake

mark, 23 Jan 2020not by cheating?Lol, no cheating, of course. They just put it into a freezer before and while testing xD

Where are the Mediatek fan boys?

Shawn, 23 Jan 2020Apple's chips scored 725665 so they are still far ahead, bu... moreYou never asked yourself why the iPhone 11 score is lower than the latest iPad Pros?
If Qualcomm used their 8cx and SQ1 it would destroy the iPad Pros too.
But it's useless having so much power on Android IMO, iPad OS is better than what you get on Android tablets.

Cyberchum, 23 Jan 2020True. I'd go for a cheaper phone with SD 730 (K20) over a c... moreYeah, and graphically intensive mobile games aren't even worth playing because you get a better experience on PC

Shawn, 23 Jan 2020Apple's chips scored 725665 so they are still far ahead, bu... moreAt least try to use your brain:
1)It's a tablet, so it has better cooling
2)The SoC uses significantly more energy than chipsets used in phones

Pajson89, 23 Jan 2020show us that phone He's probably talking about the Ipad pro 3 lol, dude is smoking crack

  • Pajson89

Shawn, 23 Jan 2020Apple's chips scored 725665 so they are still far ahead, bu... moreshow us that phone