TCL Plex's Android 10 update starts rolling out with surprise bloatware

27 January 2020
The update itself brings cool improvements to the camera, Dark and Game modes, plus other features.

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  • Aloner
  • 3Uy
  • 11 Apr 2020

This article is from January, but we are in April and the Android 10 is not available for my TCL Plex yet. I’ve checked with other TCL Plex owner and she is in the same situation. Still running Android 9 with December 2019 security package

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    • Azarel
    • 63y
    • 28 Feb 2020

    Soooo, just bought this phone in Australia and I'm having some wicked wifi issues. Wifi driver stack just stops transmitting and receiving data a few times a minute. Had this issue 2 years ago when I tried to buy a Nokia 8 ended up returning that one within 2 weeks but it was actually having the wifi module completely disappear my Plex doesn't have that issue it just stops. Frequently enough it took me 8 attempts to finish a speedtest....

    Android Auto doesn't load properly when plugged into my head unit. Loads the initial UI and then freezes.

    But above all. I cannot get my phone to grab this update. According my handset V1.0 is the first the last the always. I want Android 10 damn it. almost as much as I want a case for it. Urgh..........

    WiFi cocking up I might just return it and get a Pixel 3A....

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      • Root
      • jIK
      • 02 Feb 2020

      This is no surprise to me. Actually I'm surprised this update doesn't have more bloatware (but more will come.) TCL also makes phones under the Alcatel brand name, among some other brands that they use(d.) This company is not to be trusted. They have been known (with Alcatel) to sell phones for cheap (sometimes under cost) because they make their real money selling user data (analytics.) This game being added via this firmware update is just a paid addition, the game company is paying TCL to force their game on people's phones via firmware "update." This game app can be "disabled", but the game app will forever be a system app on your phone if you accept (or are forced) this firmware "update." System apps can not ever be removed without root access (or an unlockable bootloader to achieve root access and/or run a custom ROM.) TCL usually not only has a locked bootloader that cannot be unlocked, but they also completely disable fastboot mode so you have no way around using their spyware operating system. With TCL phones, they give you the phone very cheap because the phone is not their product: you are.

        Shadocx, 27 Jan 2020Do you own the TCL Plex?Negative

          Anonymous, 27 Jan 2020Facebook and Instagram are bloatware too when you don't use... moreit couldn't be better to write :)

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            • Tony Lord
            • xvR
            • 28 Jan 2020

            Here in Greece, it costs 185€. With that price tag and those specs i don't mind some bloatware. 2-3 apps are not considered bloatware, anyway, when you have Xiaomi around (aka king of bloatware)

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              • Anonymous
              • 3g5
              • 27 Jan 2020

              I'mPhone, 27 Jan 2020I wonder what's the point of the game (bloatware). No one w... moreAnd i would rather have a game than FB or intagram on my phone..

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                • Anonymous
                • 0Wh
                • 27 Jan 2020

                I'mPhone, 27 Jan 2020I wonder what's the point of the game (bloatware). No one w... moreFacebook and Instagram are bloatware too when you don't use it. Better don't have any of them and a clean system without shit.

                  IpsDisplay, 27 Jan 2020I had nightmares with Alcatel phones and their horrible opt... moreDo you own the TCL Plex?

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                    • I'mPhone
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                    • 27 Jan 2020

                    I wonder what's the point of the game (bloatware). No one will actually play it. I would rather have Facebook and Instagram preloaded rather than some useless game.

                      I had nightmares with Alcatel phones and their horrible optimizations/bloat

                      Tcl is back at it again lol

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 7kr
                        • 27 Jan 2020

                        And still Mi A3 Android one device is on Android 9 pie...