Redmi Note 8 Pro's camera rated mediocre by DxOMark

28 January 2020
The latest Redmi Note member leaves a lot to be desired according to DxOMark.

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  • Raymond


  • Anonymous

Domestoboto, 29 Jan 2020That puts EVERYONE on a level playing field. iPhones and Pi... moreNot that level cause at moments the others can go wrong too

Zuzuz, 28 Jan 2020Dxo test are on auto mode. No other way. They don't try to ... moreThat puts EVERYONE on a level playing field. iPhones and Pixel 4 lack proper manual controls yet they crush a lot of smartphones in terms of the rating AND real-world end-user camera performance.

People who buy smartphones like this don't have the luxury of time like you do of tweaking every single setting on the rather very limited stock Xiaomi camera app to get that "winning" shot. Just saying.

Who actually cares about camera performance onnlow budget phones? Usually those who buy these kind of phones, dont look at camera spec. And the score is still only a score. Score based on test results, not considering price factor. And evennfor this price this is okay setup. Phone is loveed by people in Asia, Xiaomi shares arengrowing because of this phone. Camera is what it is. DxoMark sometimes seems biased as well.

  • Anonymous

This is the best camera phone in 150$-300$ price range.
With gcam, this beats OnePlus 7 pro (stock) in many scenarios.

  • Anonymous

Which was flagship level a couple years back. So it's still doing ok for a much more affordable device.

  • Anonymous

I don't know about that...i've cross compared many pic samples on this website(GSMArena) to many other phones in the same price range or higher (PocoF1,Xperia 5,OP6T,K20...) Note 8 Pro is not top of the line but ain't Mediocre either. I'd say it's above average to good to me.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2020Uhh...Redmi phones have always had medicore camera (ie. Red... moreBut of course, what can you expect to get for $200 LOL, anyways I just missed the first one posts below:

"Dxomark is just paid... Companies pay to Dxomark, Dxomark pay to this site - that's it!"


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2020Xiaomi fans are going to be pissed.... DXO conspiracy theor... moreUhh...Redmi phones have always had medicore camera (ie. Redmi 4). It's not a consipracy, it's a budget phone.

  • I'mPhone

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2020Xiaomi fans are going to be pissed.... DXO conspiracy theor... moreIt's no conspiracy theory.

I did test both the Redmi Note 8 and Note 8 Pro's cameras in a Mi store.

Both phones have decent cameras, at least in comparison to a realme 5 Pro which I also tested later in an electronics store. The colors in photos do seem washed out, and the focus is quite lacking. realme XT is much better because of livelier colors and good sharpness. Mi phones generally have subpar image processing in my opinion. Will try out a Mi Note 10 soon if I have the opportunity to try one to see if this is true.

Redmi Note 8 Pro is seemingly also underpowered for gaming (which, unfortunately, is advertised for its gaming prowess). I heard a user which tried out PUBG Mobile with the phone. The phone overheats and have frame drops (but it's maybe the user's fault, as equivalent phones like vivo Z1 Pro also overheats in the same settings).

But you can't expect lots from a cheap phone like the Redmi Note 8 Pro. So spend more, if you need a better handset.

  • I'mPhone

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2020this is a gaming phone, not camera phone.Gaming phones are like ROG Phone 2 or BS 2 Pro with very good cooling solutions and sporty design. Redmi Note 8 Pro is not suitable for gaming, and the Mali G76 MP4 GPU is underpowered

  • nick

ofc its not a great score when the camera is garbage, someone here said it nicely, you all got hyped up about 64mp, but its garbage anyways, specialy with Xiaomi camera app. If you want Xiaomi and great camera buy Mix 3 if you want premium, or Mi 8 if you want to save some money, put Gcam and you're all set up, everything else from Xiaomi is not that good if you want great camera, its just high mp scam..

  • g6 user

Zuzuz, 28 Jan 2020Dxo test are on auto mode. No other way. They don't try to ... morekeep in mind that not everyone activates manual mode or cares about raw files what they do is point and shot and that's is what matters manufactures are suppose to adjust those settings to get best approach on this that's why autofocus exist helped by manufacture camera algorithms …..

Zuzuz, 28 Jan 2020Dxo test are on auto mode. No other way. They don't try to ... moreWell that means DcOmark scores are for regular people who just search up about phones only when they are thinking about buying one

Alex 94, 28 Jan 2020I tested it, and believe me,camera is great. 90% of people ... moreNaw man the part you dont get is that this is nitpicking. Nornally it orf course is great. But when you nitpick you see mistakes that doesnt really take anything from the ride

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi fans are going to be pissed.... DXO conspiracy theories incoming.

As always, you get what you PAY FOR, that's it, pure and simple

  • Anonymous

this is a gaming phone, not camera phone.

Dxo test are on auto mode. No other way. They don't try to get the best shot. They don't twist/twick. Just click and examination. Of curse, in that case you can get a very wrong idea if the phone software does'nt work flowesly.
Anyway, for those interested in the phone, see the pictures on the net, comparations with bigger players in YouTube and other reviewers for a more understending of the level in photo of this phone.

Feel like every xiaomi related phone suffer at least a bit from orange tint issue. The same as iPhone from brown, Sony magenta, Huawei yellow-less...
Depends on feeling, for me is sony and huawei passable. Processing also matters, no matter the resolution, patterns, grass and concrete fine detail say it all.