Redmi Note 8 Pro's camera rated mediocre by DxOMark

28 January 2020
The latest Redmi Note member leaves a lot to be desired according to DxOMark.

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Ugh people are missing the point here. No dxomark is not being paid. I believe but cannot confirm it is up to the companies to hold off on or allow dxomark to post scores. Those companies don't record the scores themselves, but they can tune their phones using the benchmark. (once again I can't confirm that) The problem here is everyone was all hyped over this 64 MP sensor and it ended up being kinda sorta garbage. Just like everyone was hyped up over the massive battery that ended up being kinda sorta average at best. (likely due to that chipset that's probably power hungry) I saw this rating coming from a mile away though. People have said in reviews that the camera isn't all that good.

  • AnonD-844967

if you want a true answer test the phone side by side to the other phone you compare it with in your hand at a phone store or from a friend.

I tested it, and believe me,camera is great. 90% of people doesn't need better camera. Everything works perfect. Don't read articles like this,go,find phone and testing it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2020It's good if we watch the price. What people expect? Pay 18... moreNo sh1t Sherlock

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2020Dxomark is just paid... Companies pay to Dxomark, Dxomark p... morecheaper general mobile 9 has more score.

General Mobile is a small Turkish company that doesn't even have 5% marketshare on its home country while Xiaomi is the world's 3rd biggest phone maker.

Which one do you think can afford fake dxomark reviews?

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2020Dxomark is just paid... Companies pay to Dxomark, Dxomark p... moreHere we go again!

It's not that bad considering the price. The slow AF is inherent with quad bayers that's actually what Sony has been solved in their newest IMX686. The other factors could be due to software processing in which Xiaomi's weakest point and given that this has MTK SoC, it's camera integration is not that extensive with Snapdragons.

The results were actually "as expected", there's nothing to be surprised about these findings.

  • Well

That's what happens when you have a phone with MediaTek that cannot have Google Camera installed with Camera2API enabled. Of course the stock camera sucks lmao.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2020Gsmarena should stop spamming us with Dxomark advertisement... moreDxomark is just paid... Companies pay to Dxomark, Dxomark pay to this site - that's it!

I expect people to say Xiaomi didn't paid DxO money. But when it is an Huawei device getting the #1 spot, they say DxO is no sellout.

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Gsmarena should stop spamming us with Dxomark advertisements. Nobody cares about Dxomark, it's nothing else than a reviewer, who gives subjective scores.

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It's good if we watch the price. What people expect? Pay 186 euros and get a flagship camera phone? Even older flagships that still are enough recent will cost 2.5x or 3x more than these mid-ranger. It's a best seller for some reason and sure that the Note 9 Pro will be even better at its range.

If you want a flagship grade camera without spend a lot, buy a flagships of previous years or buy the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 /10 Pro that have the best cameras of a mid-range phone. Of course, at a higher premium price.

  • kek

The fact that they put this non-OIS camera all up there with other OIS based sensors, means that DxOMark is full of bullshit.