We need your help: how to fix our voting system

19 April, 2012
We are turning to you, our beloved readers to find a solution to this problem.

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  • piyush91

rate phones according to your reviews.divide the rating into two sections,one for gsmarena rating and one for public.display phones as per your ratings and let the general rating be the secondary one.users can view phones as per your ratings and the secondary rating may act as cross refrence.no need to reset the ratings as it shows what users are currently thinking but add your rating as the primary one.

  • Govinda Subudhi

The Users Must Enter The Email Addresses of his or her and enter the imei no of the phone they own and nationality of that person to qualify for the vote system.

  • mazen

the user must own the phone you vote for it to tell the others the good and bad in the phone so the user must enter the ime no. of his phone and you chick it in the ime organization and you can offer free app to the users for helping yours

  • iarnabganguly

I think you should post your rating also ..it will be a great help ...it should be like this
First -- gsm arena personal rating ..
Second -- readers rating / user rating
And if there is very little difference between the two , then it will prove that the phone is actually good ..

  • Robert D.

Since you asked for our help and considering that the current vote system has become just a war tool for the fanboys, my opinion , which by the way I do not know if someone else suggested before me, as I did not read the previous posts, is the following:

One vote per person (user/IP) per phone (in subject) per life (or 1 year, or other long interval of time). I do not see any reason, why people can use more than 1 vote. 1 vote is 1 opinion and I cannot imagine why someone voting 10 or 1 in a line today for a phone would not vote the same tomorrow. In the end you will not have the same number of votes like today, but you will have a much more correct evaluation of the phones.

IMHO I believe this solution could solve the issue.

My best regards,

  • AnonD-51364

limit votes per account.

like 1-3 votes per account in a day.

  • Pravin

The 3rd system is actually a better fool proof method and it will ensure a proper voting system.

  • Dean

Option 2 but with login to gsmarena and verifyied email address, Not facecrook or any other social networking sites

  • Anonymous

what is the profile of a "fanboy"

  • Cydboi

Of course, the IMEI/serial number WILL NOT be disclosed and only be used against a database to see if the phone IMEI/serial number was used to vote at least once.

  • Cydboi

Vote for a phone only if you can give the IMEI/Serial number of the device.

  • Scoop

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2012DAVe^^ the multiple sims are helpful for cheating on your wives ... moreVery Innovative but then again does pakistan have a transparent credit scoring system? I doubt!!
Like in US its your FICO score that counts t even get a decent job!

  • mystic

I think you should introduce sms facility here. who ever wants to vote will be sent an a code in sms then he/she should write that code and vote, in that way he/she will be able to cast only single vote against that phone.


  • AnonD-12889

AnonD-13569, 21 Apr 2012this is a foolish idea. i come to gsmarena very often but never ... moremay be but at least we can good results and facts instead of some of the fanboys ......

what is the use of 100000 votes in which 99000 are false instead we want to see correct 10000 votes which will help us..

  • swapnil

the best way is to make your own committee of techies and vote. afterall you cannot fraud yourselves. moreover you know more than others out there...

  • Techn1976

im my young teenage day i have been VERY silly... hacking.... SAD I KNOW!

... hmmm... ermm, lets say my user name is;

MY Username: ABC
MY IP adress:666

if i vote it gets logged against both of the above, so i can not vote again! per Mobile phone.

if the following user comes along...

USER 1: Username: XYZ
USER 1: address:666

and tries to vote on the same phone he will get denied...
Because your system will now logg

MY Username: ABC
USER 1: Username: XYZ
USER 1: address:666

as the same user! like wise if,

USER 1: Username: XYZ
USER 1: address: 999

tries to vote... same again NO VOTE allowed on that page as the system has now logged,

MY Username: ABC
MY IP adress:666

USER 1: Username: XYZ
USER 1: address:666

USER 1: Username: XYZ
USER 1: address: 999

as the same user...

get what i am saying? the system automatically links username and IP address with other username and ip address's sharing the same values and take see it as 1 user!

ALSO! a feature like google should be implemented, ie,


no need to have fancy buttons just 1 vote... if you like the phone press the LIKE BUTTON.

Kind Regars

  • Anonymous

DAVe^^, 21 Apr 2012This is purely out of curiousity but what is the reason behind a... moreDAVe^^ the multiple sims are helpful for cheating on your wives or girlfriends, and also allow you to avoid debt collectors lol.

  • DAVe^^

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2012in pakistan i have seen sim sold for 25 rs ($.30 almost). Everyo... moreThis is purely out of curiousity but what is the reason behind all these sims?? i can understand two maybe but why do people do this ???

  • Anonymous

Scoop, 21 Apr 2012Thats amazing!! I agree.:)in pakistan i have seen sim sold for 25 rs ($.30 almost). Everyone have atleast 5 sims except some1 like me. A friend of mine had 9 sims in his sim pouch. Besides it will make hard for gsmarena to maintain votes and numbers of people.

  • Scoop

GP, 20 Apr 2012This is the most Affordable and practical approach for GSMArena ... moreThats amazing!! I agree.:)