Sony Xperia 1.1 camera detailed

30 January 2020
It's rumored to be unveiled at MWC next month.

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  • Kate

M using, Sony expira L1, but this Sony 1.1 wow

  • pan

s-pen pusher, 01 Feb 2020shanti is from the philippines indeed. sony pulled out from... morenice. you already got a hold of xperia 1... i am still waiting for price drop, though 35k is already way cheaper than the original price and the price of its contemporaries... was about to buy xperia 10 plus from the local retailer but was sold out same with xperia 10... considering T&L of china but i prefer cod... hopefully the price will go below 30k pesos... or about 600usd... and id get the wireless nc earphone...

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2020Pretty sure Sony Mobile has withdrawn from Southeast Asian ... moresony mobile has withdrawn in the philippines indeed and sony's official stores here no longer have mobile phones. there are retailers though who still sell xperia handsets both in physical stores and online. shanti is right- oneplus is not very big here in the philippines. the fact is that the only chinese brands that are doing good here are vivo and xiaomi, while the others are struggling. the reason oneplus is not doing better than xperia here is availability- again although sony mobile has already pulled out from the philippines there are still retailers who sell their phones. while oneplus is not that widely available even in online stores that can subsidize the shipping fee if seller is from overseas.

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2020That Shanti guy's from the Philippines. Not Singapore, Mala... moreshanti is from the philippines indeed. sony pulled out from the philippines as well, although xperia smartphones are still available in retailers. i was able to buy an xperia 1 from an online selling platform here called lazada, and the seller was based in china. there were sellers on the platform that are from the philippines as well and they are selling legit xperia 1, but the reason i chose to buy from the chinese seller is because i have bought several devices from them the last few years, so i have coupons codes. i guess what it means when an oem pulls out from a country is that they pull out their products from their official stores because that is what happened here in the philippines- there are still sony official stores here but they don't sell mobile phones anymore; there are still retailers who sell xperia phones here though.

  • Anonymous

Those lenses seems too small compared with the ones that Huawei use in their flagships, the periscope one is ridiculously small. Even the against the new S20 series. The return of the jack will not save them if their cameras continue being subpar and not at a flagship level. They should improve their software image processing too. And maybe, think twice their prices, now that Huawei will low their own ones making them more competitive.

  • Anonymous

TheGoldenMellifluous, 31 Jan 2020Then explain why the heck both Xperia 1 (possibly Xperia 5 ... moreThat Shanti guy's from the Philippines. Not Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia.

Hakkim , 31 Jan 2020Must return to India Indeed and not only India, but all the markets.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2020Sony well optimised except camera so no need community. 1p... moreDoesn't matter how well it is optimized out of the box.
OnePlus is even more optimized than Sony.
Developer community support is crucial. You get latest Android way past the official updates stop. Lack of community support is the reason why Sony doesn't have proper gcam.

SuuperBaka, 31 Jan 2020Huawei using Sony for its p40 series. Also, he said Samsung... moreHe said "that" Samsung's main camera when he was talking to a guy who claims Mi Note 10 is overpriced because you need to pay $600 for Visionox display and Samsung main camera, so of course he was referring to HMX sensor. And why do you think Samsung will help out Huawei by making a sensor for their flagship phones when those two are the biggest rivals in the Android world?

open your eys please, 30 Jan 2020the periscope has ha bigger lens than the 64MP ...on this pictureI hope they do that. Because all the phones have a very small sensor for optical zoom, and all are very bad. We need a big sensor optical zoom.

  • tomartinh

Just switched to Samsung from Sony (ZX Prem) purely on form factor, I use my phone for messaging, email, etc. and the narrow form factor when doing this is annoying, it may be good for media consumption but that's not why I buy a phone, that's why I buy a TV or tablet.

Nick Tagataka, 31 Jan 2020So that's why Xiaomi is planning to use Samsung's HMX senso... moreHuawei using Sony for its p40 series. Also, he said Samsung's main camera, that can mean anything. There are still many Samsung phones being sold, which doesn't specifically mean the new HMX sensor.

  • Hakkim

KamAbdi, 31 Jan 2020NO. The truth is that all smartphones are same and boring a... moreMust return to India

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2020Pretty sure Sony Mobile has withdrawn from Southeast Asian ... moreThen explain why the heck both Xperia 1 (possibly Xperia 5 will follow suit soon) has made its way, entered, and put on sale in the Southeast Asian Markets like Singapore and Malaysia since last year??? Sure, XZ3 wasn't put sale in SEA due XZ2 Premium took the slot, as timing between XZ3 and XZ2P was too near (Xperia 1 heir and predecessor)......

Here's the link to proof it if you want to denied it all again...

Please check your fact... And for the condiment part, Xperia 1 even when never officially launched in Indonesia as Sony Mobile no longer selling in Indonesia since Z5 family, some people managed got hands-on with the Xperia 1...

  • Niy

KamAbdi, 31 Jan 2020NO. The truth is that all smartphones are same and boring a... moreThis is totally true..

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2020The problem is that Sony (as well as other brands like LG, ... moreNO. The truth is that all smartphones are same and boring and that's what Sony tries to differentiate because this is technology and every company should innovate. Last year Sony and LG innovated with their phones but no one bought them due to brand favoritism from Apple and Samsung and those two companies didn't do anything new.

Differentiation is what make a competition and not doing the same thing because when what's on the iPhone is easy and acquirable on the cheap Chinese phones, then why would anyone buy iPhone and being expansive for nothing and yet it gets bought due to brand favoritism

Sony is doing fine but they have two problems which are big, the releasing time is very bad and they don't market

Sony and LG understand the market very, even HTC, but what happened to them is that the people turned their backs on them and they accepted Google's offer to make for their pixels while Huawei rejected for their name not being on the back of the phone and HTC needed the phone and after that Google bought their factory, 2000 of their engineers and non exclusive patents which was a hit on HTC and till now they can't make a phone.

Shanti Dope, 31 Jan 2020But there's a GCAM port from the Pixel 3 to both devices. ... moreThe port is useless. Theres no HDR+ & Nightsight functioning, whats the point of using that alpha built GCAM?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2020Nobody cares what people use in your part of the world. De... moreSony well optimised except camera so no need community.
1plus is other side?
A lot of parts and price not lie about quality (most case)

TheGoldenMellifluous, 31 Jan 2020The most assuring reason was Sony camera division, Alpha di... moreExactly, If Sony had great post processing software, they will blow out major smartphone manufacturer.

  • Anonymous

Shanti Dope, 31 Jan 2020I saw more Sony phones than OnePlus phones here in my count... moreNobody cares what people use in your part of the world.
Developer community consists of ppl from all parts of the world. More the users /popular phone across the globe=better community support.

You might have 1 OnePlus user in your part of the world compared to Sony but there might be millions in other parts of the globe.
OnePlus having better community support compared to Sony simply is coz more people buying it over Sony flagships. OnePlus is pretty popular flagship across the globe.