Samsung Galaxy A30 receives Android 10 and One UI 2.0 update

13 February 2020
There was a report that the update was pushed back to March, but that was clearly false.

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  • Anonymous

yahyan, 25 Mar 2020it's really embarrassing that android 10 released for a30 a... moreMy sis have a A50 and my mom have a A10 and they have android 10 and I have a A30 and I don't have it yet

it's really embarrassing that android 10 released for a30 and a40 before a50.
I am disappointed.

  • coope

update not yet for me

  • Dariush

Received A-10 update in Iran Yesterday 😃
( Rom: MID-Iraq )

Please when do I get android 10 update for Samsung Galaxy A20

  • Yabaz

got update , From KSA :)

  • jamesbond

Dominican republic do not receive the update...

i received from Tanzania, Africa

  • Elver

Mexico recibió la actualizacion hoy en febrero 2020, 19th

Posted by my android 10 device


Received android 10 update in Kenya today

  • Anonymous

l like it sumsungA30s

  • Lumina

Arvind7955, 14 Feb 2020Is gcam working after A10 update?May I know which gcam works for a30? I tried several when I first got the phone but none of it works so I'm on stock camera app for almost a year now.

Cries in A50

  • Praj

Any updates as when M30s will receive One UI 2 based on Android10 ?

Ksparker, 13 Feb 2020Now even A30 got android 10 update but no A50 yet. Why Sams... moreA70 will have to wait till Aprill and in my Book thats May

why nothing for a70 when it cost way more ???! i don't understand

Sol, 14 Feb 2020Yeah, my main phone is the normal Exynos S7, and tbh this p... moreAh.... you mean the FE update every FE user hates?

my exynos s9 still doesn't get the update

Is gcam working after A10 update?

  • Anonymous

ssas, 13 Feb 2020when a50 will get one ui 2.0?patience all A get them soon!!! dont rush big updates might be bugs