Samsung Galaxy A30 receives Android 10 and One UI 2.0 update

13 February 2020
There was a report that the update was pushed back to March, but that was clearly false.

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  • Sol

S7_User, 14 Feb 2020And yet older "Flagship Devices" did not have any updates. ... moreYeah, my main phone is the normal Exynos S7, and tbh this phone was one of their top sellers, it got 4 years of security updates. At least they should have given us
Android 9 with One UI 1.0 like the Note FE(or at least Android 8.1 with the same UI but with dark mode option in the settings).
*well they made a port of the ROM for the S7.

  • Sol

My father has the A30S and my brother has the A50 128GB/4GB, do we know when these 2 will get the big update?

  • S7_User

And yet older "Flagship Devices" did not have any updates. Still stuck in Android 8. Why?

  • Anonymous

No update yet for my a30,

  • K

A50 should have been upgraded before m30. Come on its the #1 best seller after all.

Now even A30 got android 10 update but no A50 yet. Why Samsung why?????

  • ssas

when a50 will get one ui 2.0?