LG W10 Alpha unveiled, an entry-level dual VoLTE phone

19 February 2020
Note that this isn't a Go edition device, it does have enough power to run the full Pie (8x A55 CPU, 3GB of RAM).

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ManFromFinland, 19 Feb 2020LG made good budget and midrange phones back in 2013-2016 b... moreI honestly think the opposite, their older low-end to midrange phones were always severely underpowered, even if they had a somewhat decent CPU. If you owned an LG Leon, you'd know

  • Holy

Im sorry to say this,

WHY LG? Why you have to release this phone with such a Garbage high price tag and ANDROID 9?
I believe this phone never got update to 10 or 11. So SAD

  • Anonymous

Didn't Google ALREADY ENFORCED that every NEW android phone CERTIFIED & LAUNCHED with the latest Android OS, which is currently Android 10 after end of January 2020 deadline?? Why does LG STILL LOAD Android 9.0 PIE on W10 Alpha after THAT deadline??

Google will "PUNISH" LG soon along with Sony (Xperia L4), Huawei (Y7p, Honor 9X lite), Xiaomi (Redmi 8A Dual)...

M1999, 19 Feb 2020My LG G7 ThinQ does get updates... Very slow but still. My ... moreHow is comparing a lg flagship to moto mid range and samsung / lenovo's tablets fair?

  • Anonymous

Android 9? Is that still allowed in new phones?

  • User

LG is the best

  • hmm

AnonD-874772, 19 Feb 2020The specs are a bit disappointing for the price. It should ... more80 is even too much and it dont even have fingerprint reader even. These things already on 50 euro phones that even have better specs then this thing

  • AnonD-874772

The specs are a bit disappointing for the price. It should have been priced around 80 dollars with a snapdragon or mediatek chipset and a fingerprint scanner.

  • ManFromFinland

TheWildShadow55, 19 Feb 2020Unisoc is just Spreadtrum and their SoCs are even worse tha... moreLG made good budget and midrange phones back in 2013-2016 but after that their offerings has been poor for some reason.

  • M1999

abigfanoftechs, 19 Feb 2020Don't buy LG if you want software updates/upgrades!!! Neve... moreMy LG G7 ThinQ does get updates... Very slow but still. My mom's motorola G6 will be stuck on android 9 (coming from 8), my LG is going to get android 10 (starting from 8). Some of ny friends Samsung devices didn't get any updates. Samsung didn't give both versions of the tab S2 two androud updates, but their budget tablets did get 2. Lenovo tablets didn't get any updates (also their recently devices). And you say LG is bad?! My LG is at the december security patch, my Samsung galaxy tab S5e is at the one from january. Both android 9. The S5e should get android 10 in july, while the G7 should get it in Q3. What is the difference?

But yeah, you have to have patience with LG. And neither do I understand the existence of this device. Also, only the G8s ThinQ was available in the Netherlands, so I hope the regular G 9 will be avialable or the V60. The devices are very hard to get, even Xiaomi is easier sometimes

  • Lordflashheart

LG does a well job of their flagships and is well received especially by the audiophile community for their quad DAC but man they should seriously stop trying to scam normal people who doesn't know anything about mobile specs with their mediocre mid range and budget phones. Its both a bad business practice and bad for consumer. Instead they should focus on releasing a good mid range that focus on audio like their flagship. I m sure there is a consumer base dying for a 300-400$ phone with a quad dac

  • 855

Unisoc SC9863A? Are u serious? OK nice joke btw

  • Benny Hill

If LG released a midranger with same size (147mm x 70mm) I would name my firstborn son LG.
Is it too much to ask for goods hardware AND a sensible size these days?

  • Papun

For India 140 dollar .. ha ha ha. Nice try LG.

  • Anonymous

grom Lg G3 days to now
hello again to BootLoop problem

Unisoc is just Spreadtrum and their SoCs are even worse than MediaTek. At first I thought this would be good (at least comparing it to their budget phones from 2015) but that chipset makes me think otherwise.

Don't buy LG if you want software updates/upgrades!!!
Never again.

  • adi136

Notably it's not go edition? (28 nm SoC) 140$ phone gsmarena expecting it can be go edition phone?

  • Anonymous

28mm processor why not just go for 150nm processor lg ahahahahajajajajajjajjajjaa.

  • ZenFone Owner

LMAO I died reading the specs of this phone.....please bury me LG LMAO......:()